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PharmCAS Application Fee

Once you e-submit your PharmCAS application, you will be given a set of payment options. The fee for using PharmCAS application is based on a graduated scale that varies according to the number of institutions you designate to receive your PharmCAS application. Your application will not be processed until your payment is received. PharmCAS application fees are non-refundable. PharmCAS does not issue refunds for withdrawn applications or missed deadlines. Once you e-submit your PharmCAS application, you will be given a set of payment options.

You are encouraged to pay the PharmCAS application fee on-line by credit card to expedite the processing of your application. PharmCAS accepts AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, and MASTERCARD credit cards ONLY.

  • If mailing a money order, login to your application and download the PharmCAS Payment Form. Attach the completed PharmCAS payment form and make your money order payable to PharmCAS. Write your PharmCAS ID Number on the memo line of the money order. The PharmCAS payment must be drawn from a U.S. bank in U.S. dollars.
  • PharmCAS will not accept cash payments or personal checks.
  • Important! Once you have selected money order as your preferred payment type on your application, you cannot switch to a credit card payment.

    Send your PharmCAS Payment Form and money order to:

Payment Department
PO Box 9109
Watertown, MA 02471


Number of PharmCAS School Designations

PharmCAS Fee Due





















11 or more

Add $55.00 for each additional school


PharmCAS application fees are non-refundable. PharmCAS does not issue refunds for withdrawn applications or missed deadlines.


PharmCAS will only accept a money order for the correct amount of ALL your designations. PharmCAS CANNOT post partial payments. Please send your payment in full.


PharmCAS will assess a service charge of $20.00 for credit card chargebacks not authorized by PharmCAS. You will be instructed to pay the application fee and service charge within 10-business days. If you do not comply, PharmCAS will stop the processing of your application and notify your designated pharmacy colleges and schools.


Repeat applicants with outstanding fee balances will be placed on HOLD until payment for the previous and current cycles are received in full.


A limited number of PharmCAS application fee waivers are available. Waivers are granted to financially disadvantaged applicants on a first-come, first-serve basis. PharmCAS will decide if you qualify for a fee waiver based on your income, or your parent’s income if you are claimed as a dependent, as reported on the most recent Federal Income Tax Return.  No other documentation is accepted. The deadline to apply for a PharmCAS Fee Waiver is September 3, 2013

Receiving a PharmCAS fee waiver does NOT guarantee that you will also receive a supplemental fee waiver or that your designated pharmacy schools offer supplemental fee waivers.

Your fee waiver request must be received and processed BEFORE you e-submit your PharmCAS application.  If you receive a fee waiver, you may apply to one (1) PharmCAS school for free. The fee waiver will expire in 45 business days if it is not applied to your application and you will NOT be able to use it after that.   If you receive a waiver and choose to apply to more than one (1) PharmCAS school, you will be responsible for an incremental fee of $55 for each additional designation. The PharmCAS waiver applies to the PharmCAS application fee only. PharmCAS will notify your designated pharmacy schools if you qualify for a waiver, even if your request is received after all available waivers are granted.  You may still be responsible for supplemental application fees, regardless of your PharmCAS waiver status.

To be considered for a PharmCAS fee waiver, you must:

  1. Be a U.S. citizen, U.S. Permanent Resident, or have refugee/asylum status.
  2. Submit a PharmCAS Fee Waiver Form.
  3. Submit the completed form with a copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return to PharmCAS. Submit your parent’s Tax Return, if claimed as a dependent.
  4. Do NOT e-submit your application until PharmCAS approves or denies your fee waiver request. If you e-submit your application prior to notification, PharmCAS will automatically deny your fee waiver request.
  5. Once you have been approved for a PharmCAS fee waiver, you must choose the money order option as your form of payment.

PharmCAS fee waiver decisions are tied to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' poverty level guidelines. The Low-Income Level is based on 200 percent of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services poverty guidelines and used to determine what constitutes a low-income family.

2012 Low Income Levels

Persons in Family or Household

Income Level*

















For each additional person add:


*Adjusted gross income for calendar year 2012.  Changes in your current year financial situations will not be considered.

The deadline to apply for a PharmCAS Fee Waiver is September 3, 2013. PharmCAS must receive your completed Fee Waiver Request Form and a copy of your 2012 Federal Tax Return form to be considered for a Fee Waiver.


DO NOT SEND TO PHARMCAS. In addition to the PharmCAS application fee, pharmacy programs may require you to send a supplemental fee directly to the institution. The supplemental application fee deadline may be the same as the PharmCAS deadline, or at a later date. Review the School Pages or contact the institution directly to obtain supplemental application fee instructions.



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