Step-by-Step Checklist

This checklist is intended help you prepare your application, but is not intended to be a substitute for the full application instructions.

The PharmCAS application is only one step in the pharmacy admissions process. You must meet all requirements before your application will be processed and reviewed.

  1. Read ALL PharmCAS instructions carefully.
  2. If you wish, you may print your copy of the PharmCAS Application Instructions 2017-2018 or save the PDF file to your computer.
  3. Create your PharmCAS login account immediately to obtain your PharmCAS ID number.
  4. Use the “PharmCAS Transcript Request Form” to arrange for ALL of your OFFICIAL transcripts from regionally accredited U.S. institutions to be received in the PharmCAS office by the application deadline! If you do not submit the transcript request form with each of your transcripts, your application file may be delayed in processing.
  5. Enter ALL of your U.S. coursework on your application using personal copies of your transcripts. Do not enter foreign courses.
  6. Arrange for your PCAT and TOEFL test scores to be sent directly to PharmCAS, if required by your designated Pharm.D. programs. PharmCAS will match your PCAT scores to your application based on your PCAT CID. You MUST report your PCAT CID on your application. Applicants who have PCAT scores and do not report a PCAT CID must contact PharmCAS at 617–612–2050.
  7. Contact your references to make them aware that you will be sending them an electronic reference request from PharmCAS.
  8. Arrange for letters of reference to be electronically submitted to PharmCAS.
  9. Submit the correct PharmCAS fee to the service by the Pharm.D. program deadline. Payments can only be made in the application via a credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. PharmCAS does not accept money orders, check or cash payments.
  10. Review your application for accuracy. You cannot edit your application once it is e-submitted.
  11. Print or save your completed application for your personal records.
  12. Arrange for your summer and fall 2017 transcripts to be sent to PharmCAS as soon as they are available. Update your coursework during the Fall Academic Update.
  13. Check your email for important messages from PharmCAS.  Periodically check your e-mail spam folder.
  14. Login to your application frequently to check the status of your application and to check for any messages that may not have been delivered to your e-mail.


Read the School Directory for Pharm.D. program-specific instructions and requirements. IF REQUIRED BY THE PHARM.D. PROGRAM, you must:

  1. Submit a supplemental application and fee directly to the Pharm.D. program by the deadline.
  2. Arrange for AP, IB, and other test scores to be sent directly to the Pharm.D. program.
  3. Arrange for letters of reference to be electronically submitted to PharmCAS (or sent directly to the Pharm.D. program, as per each program’s instructions.)
  4. PharmCAS only accepts foreign transcript evaluations from WES. You can request electronic WES evaluations directly through the application. Click WES Evaluations Request after listing your foreign school in the Colleges Attended section. This will take you to the WES website to complete a request, and once WES completes your evaluation, they will send it to PharmCAS electronically. Please note that PharmCAS will still accept paper WES evals sent to us via mail directly from WES.
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