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4th Regular School Application Deadline

February 1, 2019

About the Deadline

The PharmCAS application deadline indicates the date your application and all materials must be received in the PharmCAS office. This is NOT necessarily the deadline by which your verified application must arrive at your designated programs. After your application, official transcripts and fee are received, allow up to 4 weeks for PharmCAS to process your application. Whenever a deadline falls on a weekend or Federal holiday, the deadline is automatically extended to 11:59pm EASTERN time on the next business day. The PharmCAS web application will not allow you to apply to a program once its application deadline has passed. PharmCAS will still accept official transcripts and fees that arrive after the deadline date, however your selected programs may not review your application file if your transcripts and/or fee are received late. PharmCAS does not issue refunds for withdrawn applications or missed deadlines.

Apply Early!

Participating PharmCAS programs encourage applicants to submit applications at least two weeks before their school program deadline to avoid Web congestion due to heavy applicant and Internet traffic. Submitting your materials early will ensure timely processing, help avoid delays, and may improve your chances for admission to those Pharm.D. programs that use a rolling admissions process. PharmCAS is not responsible for any materials lost in the mail or for delays caused by the registrar’s office. Express or certified mail does not guarantee expedient processing, nor does sending transcripts express or certified guarantee receipt by PharmCAS.

Deadline Extensions

PharmCAS does not accept deadline extension requests from applicants. Please contact your designated program directly to request an individual deadline extension. The program will notify PharmCAS directly if it agrees to grant you a deadline extension. You have 48-hours to complete and submit your PharmCAS application once the deadline is granted. If you fail to e-submit your application in that time, you must contact the program directly to request a second 48-hour deadline extension. Programs are not obligated to grant deadline extensions or give consideration to applicants who submit application materials after the school application deadline.

Supplemental Application Deadlines

In addition to the PharmCAS application, programs may require you to send a supplemental application and fee directly to the program. The supplemental application deadline may be the same as the PharmCAS deadline, or at a later date. Review the School Directory or contact the program directly to obtain supplemental instructions or application.