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Fall Academic Update closes

February 17, 2017

The Fall Academic Update window will open on December 15, 2016, following the completion of the fall 2016 term, and close on February 17, 2017. Arrange for your official summer 2016 and fall 2016 transcripts to be sent directly to PharmCAS AS SOON AS THEY ARE AVAILABLE. If you do not submit your updated courses and transcripts in a timely manner, your selected pharmacy schools may no longer consider you for admission.


PharmCAS will not verify or report your updated course history to your designated Pharm.D. programs until you complete all of the steps below.

  • Enter all of your newly completed courses for summer and fall 2016 terms.
    Delete any courses listed as in-progress that are now complete – these courses must be deleted and re-added as completed. Add these courses to the “Coursework” section, as appropriate.
  • Update your planned courses through May 2017.
  • Click on the e-Submit button at the bottom of the main PharmCAS application page to send your updated courses to PharmCAS.
  • Arrange for your updated official transcripts to be sent directly from any colleges you attended in the summer and fall, if not previously submitted.
  • Once these criteria are met, PharmCAS will verify your updated course information against your updated transcripts and calculate a new set of GPAs. PharmCAS will verify your updated course history against your revised transcripts and send your updated course history and revised GPAs to your designated Pharm.D. programs.