Code of Conduct Violation Policy

Misconduct, as defined in the Applicant Code of Conduct, and all forms of dishonesty, will not be tolerated in the application process. Colleges and schools of pharmacy will determine whether an applicant has violated the Code of Conduct and will report this to a Conduct Review Committee, which is a sub-committee of the PharmCAS Advisory Committee that will confirm if a violation has occurred and whether sanctions should be imposed.


Sanctions imposed by the Pharm.D. programs and the Conduct Review Committee include, but are not limited to, revocation of application, or sharing information with admission committees about the applicant’s behavior. Any applicant found to have violated the principles of conduct risks losing the privilege of applying to or entering the pharmacy profession. Conduct violations will be communicated to all schools and colleges of pharmacy in the U.S. as well as other health education associations.

Appeals Process

The Conduct Review Committee will not consider a request for appeal before your initial case is reviewed. If the committee determines you have violated the Applicant Code of Conduct, you may submit a single letter of appeal to within 10 business days after you were notified of the violation and sanctions. There is no required format for the letter.

If you can definitively demonstrate that the personal statement reflects your original work, you may also send proof with your letter. An example of an acceptable form of proof includes screen shots of the creation date of an essay that predates any source information found online. AACP and the PharmCAS Conduct Review Committee will review any submitted documentation and determine if it qualifies as proof of work.

The committee considers requests for appeal during its regular monthly meetings. Appeal requests must be written and submitted by you, as the applicant. The specific timing of the appeal process is determined in part by when your letter of appeal and any supporting documentation are received. Any reversal of the violation determination or reduction in sanction will be communicated to all parties previously notified. All appeal decisions are final.

Dispute Resolution

In connection with any litigation between or including the parties hereto arising under, out of or relating to the application, you irrevocably consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Alexandria Division; furthermore, you agree to pay all of PharmCAS’ reasonable and applicable attorneys’ fees and costs in the event that you bring any dispute or litigation in connection with, regarding, relating to, arising out of or under the application and PharmCAS prevails or the litigation is dismissed or withdrawn, with or without prejudice.

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