Applicant Responsibilities

Applicant Responsibilities

You are responsible for properly completing your application, sending your supporting documentation and fees to PharmCAS on time, AND regularly checking the status of your file online by logging onto your PharmCAS web application. PharmCAS applicants agree to abide by certain rules and requirements. All applicants should read the PharmCAS Applicant Code of Conduct.


• Be responsible for learning the application procedures and admission prerequisites of each designated Pharm.D. program.

Arrange for official transcripts from all regionally accredited U.S. postsecondary institutions attended to arrive at the PharmCAS office by the Pharm.D. program’s school deadline.

• Use the PharmCAS Transcript Request Form to arrange for all official U.S. transcripts to be sent to PharmCAS.

• Provide ALL required information on the PharmCAS application accurately and in a timely manner.

• Abide by the Pharm.D. program’s application deadlines.

• PharmCAS only accepts foreign transcript evaluations from WES. You can request electronic WES evaluations directly through the application. Click WES Evaluations Request after listing your foreign school in the Colleges Attended section. This will take you to the WES website to complete a request, and once WES completes your evaluation, they will send it to PharmCAS electronically. Please note that PharmCAS will still accept paper WES evals sent to us via mail directly from WES.

Respond immediately to ALL notices and questions received from PharmCAS and each Pharm.D. program to which they apply (Applicants are responsible for checking their personal email and PharmCAS accounts for these important notices and questions!).

Print a copy of the completed PharmCAS application before e-submitting the form to PharmCAS.

• Agree to submit the correct PharmCAS application fee and any additional program supplemental fees that may be required on time.

• Go to the Submit Application tab and click Pay for My Programs. Payments can only be made in the application via a credit card.

• Arrange for up to four (4) evaluations (“recommendations” or “letters of reference”) to be sent to PharmCAS.

• Provide ALL required information on the supplemental application, if required by the Pharm.D. program, accurately and in a timely manner.

• Respond promptly to Pharm.D. programs, either to accept or to decline interview invitations and offers of admission.

• Provide proper interview cancellation notice to programs according to the Interview No-Show Policy.

• Notify programs of any violation or institutional action (i.e. academic sanction, etc.) that occurs after an applicant e-submits their PharmCAS application.

Check application status online by logging onto the PharmCAS web application.

• Contact Pharm.D. programs directly regarding questions about admission decisions, institution-specific admissions criteria, and other program-specific information.

• Log off the PharmCAS web application after the completion of each entry or review session to protect against unauthorized access of application information submitted to the Service.

Promptly notify PharmCAS of any change in contact information before June 1.

Promptly notify all designated Pharm.D. programs of any change in contact information after June 1.

Cooperative Admissions Guidelines

Some pharmacy schools voluntarily participate in the AACP Cooperative Admissions Guidelines (CAG), also known as admissions traffic rules. The guidelines for applicants are below. Download a list of colleges and schools participating in the CAG during the current application cycle. The list is updated at the beginning of each cycle. If you are accepted to a pharmacy school and decide not to enroll for any reason, you should immediately notify the school of your decision, regardless of the school’s CAG participation status.

As per the guidelines, as an applicant you should respond promptly to a school or college’s invitation for interview. If you cannot appear for a previously scheduled interview, notify them immediately that you need to cancel via the school or college’s preferred method.

Prior to March 1:

  • In fairness to other applicants and pharmacy programs, if you have decided before March 1 not to attend a pharmacy school or college that has offered you admission, promptly withdraw your application from that (those) program(s) using the school or college’s preferred method.
  • You may choose to hold multiple acceptances until March 1.
  • When a school or college extends an offer of admission prior to March 1, a maximum $200 holding deposit may be required.
  • Schools and colleges may not require a second deposit prior to March 1. After March 1 they will set the dollar value for the second deposit, if applicable.

After March 1:

  • After March 1, you may hold only a single acceptance.
  • If you have accepted an admissions offer from more than one school, you must choose the school at which you will enroll by March 1.
  • By March 1, promptly withdraw your application from all other schools that offered you an acceptance using the school or college’s preferred method.
  • Additional admission offers may continue as needed after March 1.
  • If you receive and choose to accept an offer after March 1, you must rescind your acceptance at the school where you had previously accepted an offer prior to accepting the offer at the new school.



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