Re-Applicant Information

If you applied, SUBMITTED, and PAID for your application to PharmCAS and your application was mailed to a Pharm.D. program in the last cycle, you are eligible to have your application information imported to the new cycle. Please click the reapplicant link on the login page to proceed with creating a reapplicant account. DO NOT CLICK “CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT” ON THE HOME PAGE.  If you began to fill out an application last year but never submitted it, PharmCAS can NOT carry over any information that was not submitted last cycle. You will have to create a new account and resubmit all information.

Your login information can remain the same. Please note that you will be assigned a new PharmCAS ID# and the barcodes on your transcript and reference request forms will be new.  All Applicant Information, Academic History, and Additional Information will be carried over. PCAT scores received last cycle cannot be carried over and must be resubmitted. Most application fields and verified transcripts (transcripts containing coursework calculated into your GPA last cycle by PharmCAS staff) will be imported into the new application. Once the import is complete, IT IS THE APPLICANT’S RESPONSIBILTY TO GO OVER ALL IMPORTED INFORMATION AND ENSURE IT IS COMPLETE AND ACCURATE.  All imported information is locked so our staff knows what coursework we already verified from last year. If you need to add additional coursework for a school you had listed last year, you must add the school a second time in the institutions attended section and add the coursework under the second entry. This will also give you access to the transcript request form.

Letters of recommendation, personal essays, payments, test scores and transcripts containing updated coursework will NOT be carried over and must be resubmitted The purpose for submitting new recommendations and a new personal statement is so that applicants can show how they have grown and developed professionally from the previous application cycle. You are strongly encouraged to avoid submitting the same personal statement and recommendations from the previous application cycle.

In addition, there are fields on the PharmCAS application which have changed or been added since last cycle which will NOT be filled in by the import. Applicants will have to go over ALL sections of the application and ensure these new sections are filled in, as it will not necessarily be readily apparent from your application checklist that something is missing if the field is not required.

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