Early Decision

Early Decision Deadline: September 3, 2019

Some participating Pharm.D. programs offer “Early Decision” (ED) status through PharmCAS. The Early Decision program is a binding option for applicants who have decided that a particular program is their first choice. Early Decision applicants can apply to only one program. Contact your selected pharmacy program directly for information on Early Decision eligibility requirements.

The Early Decision application deadline is September 3, 2019. In addition to completing the PharmCAS application, you must arrange for PharmCAS to receive all of your official transcripts and fee by September 3. If your application, transcripts, or fee arrive after the deadline, PharmCAS will automatically change your file from early decision status to regular status.

You may be offered early admission, denied admission, or deferred to regular applicant status. If you are offered admission as an Early Decision applicant, you are expected to accept the offer and you will not be permitted to apply to other programs in PharmCAS during the current admission cycle. If, however, you are denied admission as an Early Decision applicant, you may apply to other Pharm.D. programs for an additional fee. Refer to the PharmCAS application fee schedule to determine the cost to apply to each additional program. On October 21, 2019 PharmCAS will automatically release all Early Decision applicants who have not been accepted to date, so they may apply to additional programs, as desired.

On rare occasions, there may be extenuating circumstances that could affect an applicant’s ability to accept an Early Decision offer and/or enroll in a Pharm.D. program. Please contact the pharmacy institution directly if a situation arises.

Early Decision Programs for 2020 Enrollment

Visit the PharmCAS School Directory to view the list of programs participating in Early Decision.

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