School Evaluation Requirements

Enter up to four (4) evaluator names on your PharmCAS application. Evaluators can submit electronic letters of reference (eLORs) ONLY to PharmCAS. Review the School Directory to learn the number and types of evaluators required and not accepted by each degree program. PharmCAS will NOT determine if you have met the reference requirements for a particular Pharm.D. program.

• PharmCAS will not forward references to pharmacy programs that do not accept them.

• A few pharmacy programs prefer that applicants send references directly to the institution. Review the School Directory for details. PharmCAS will forward up to four references to all of your designated Pharm.D. programs, regardless of the program’s preference.

eLORs Required
Your references must submit their letters of reference through the Evaluator Portal. Alert your evaluator to watch for an automated email from PharmCAS with the subject “Evaluation Request Submitted” from pharmcasinfo@liaisoncas.com. PharmCAS will send you an e-mail confirmation when the request is sent to your evaluator’s e-mail address.

Some email filters may interpret PharmCAS emails as “spam” and automatically delete or route them to a “junk” or “spam” folder. If your evaluator does not receive an email from PharmCAS, ask your evaluator to check all spam and junk email file folders or provide you with an alternate email address.

Paper References
Do not send paper letters of reference to PharmCAS. All references must be submitted using the electronic reference system. If your references have any questions at all about using our system, please don’t hesitate to give them the contact information for PharmCAS Customer Service. We would be more than happy to help them with any technical questions they have!

Committee and Composite Letters
Each of your designated Pharm.D. programs will decide whether a committee or composite letters may count as more than one reference.  “Composite” letters typically represent a compilation of letters collected from various individuals. “Committee” letters generally represent a single letter with the collective thoughts of a group of designated individuals usually written by the chair or a designee. If you want to submit a committee letter as part of your application, you can do so by entering the committee chair (or their alternate) as an evaluator. The committee chair must then complete the ratings section and upload one letter (that mentions the assessments of various committee members) via the Evaluator Portal. Note that a committee letter only counts as one reference. Committee and Composite letters must be submitted electronically.

Applicants must arrange for PharmCAS to RECEIVE all references by the application deadline date set by their designated Pharm.D. programs. PharmCAS does NOT enforce evaluation deadlines and will NOT hold your application for missing evaluations. Online references will be reproduced and forwarded to each of the applicant’s designated Pharm.D. programs.

PharmCAS Mailing of Evaluations
PharmCAS will begin to forward your evaluations to your designated Pharm.D. programs once your file is complete. PharmCAS will NOT hold your application for missing evaluations.

Check Reference Status
You can check the status of your letters of reference at any time. To view the status of your references, login to your PharmCAS web application and click on Check Status at the top of the application dashboard.

Additional References
Do NOT send more than four (4) references to PharmCAS. Send any additional references directly to your designated Pharm.D. programs. Pharm.D. programs may not consider extra references.

PharmCAS may verify a Reference’s identity. If a Pharm.D. program suspects a reference is falsified, it is the Pharm.D. program’s responsibility to contact the applicant or Reference to investigate or to contact the PharmCAS Conduct Review Committee. PharmCAS will share any suspected cases of falsified references reported by a Pharm.D. program with the applicant and the applicant’s other designated Pharm.D. programs and the applicant may be subject to the Conduct Violation Process. PharmCAS will not attempt to verify the accuracy of the Pharm.D. program investigation results.

Editing Your Evaluators
If one or more of your evaluators is unresponsive or declines your invitation to submit a letter of reference on your behalf, you may edit your evaluator contact information on your PharmCAS application before or after you e-submit your application to PharmCAS. You cannot make edits to your evaluator’s information once the evaluator’s reference is received.

The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) gives applicants the right to access letters of reference written unless they choose to waive their right of inspection and review. Prior to requesting a reference from an evaluator, you are required to indicate whether you wish to waive your rights. PharmCAS will release your decision to waive or not waive access to this reference to your evaluator and your designated Pharm.D. programs. Pharm.D. programs may interpret references as more honest and candid if you waive your right to see the letters. If you retain access, you may be asked to explain your reasons for your choice during interview(s).

Your waiver decision on the PharmCAS web application serves the same purpose as a legal signature, and is binding. If you decide to change your waiver decision, you must login to your PharmCAS application to edit your selection online. Once your reference is received electronically, you cannot make changes to your waiver decision.

  • Selecting Yes indicates to programs that your evaluator completed their evaluation with the understanding that you would not be able to view it. This means you will not be able to see the content of the evaluation or letter of recommendation. Programs may view this type of evaluation as a more accurate representation of an applicant’s qualifications.
  • Selecting No indicates to programs that your evaluator completed their evaluation with the understanding that you may choose to view it in the future. Selecting this option does not allow you to view your reference via the application. If you do not waive your right to view the reference, you may ask your reference for a copy of the recommendation. Programs may view this type of evaluation as a less accurate representation of an applicant’s qualifications.

Once a selection is made, it cannot be changed, so please consider the choices carefully.

Authorization Statements
In order for PharmCAS to process an applicant’s letters of reference, you must certify the following statements:

  • I hereby give PharmCAS permission to contact the evaluator below via email to request the completion of the PharmCAS reference form and letter of reference. If my evaluator does not submit an online evaluation form to PharmCAS in response to the email request, it is my sole responsibility to contact the evaluator directly to ensure all references required by my designated Pharm.D. programs are received by the deadline.
  • I understand that the Pharm.D. programs to which I am applying may contact the evaluator either to verify the information provided and/or for further clarification of the information provided, and I hereby give permission for the Pharm.D. programs or PharmCAS to do so.

List of PharmCAS Questions for Evaluators
Do NOT print this page! The list of PharmCAS evaluator form questions is provided for informational purposes only. It is intended to help you select the reference writers who can best respond to these reference questions on your behalf. To submit the official PharmCAS reference forms, you MUST login to your PharmCAS web application and go to the “Evaluations” section.

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