List of PharmCAS Questions For Evaluators

List of Questions for PharmCAS Evaluators



Instructions to Applicants: To submit your official PharmCAS reference form to your evaluator, login to your PharmCAS application and go to the Reference section. PharmCAS will email your evaluator with instructions on how to access the online form.

Your evaluators will be asked to address the following questions on the PharmCAS form.

Letter of Reference – Comments Section

  • What are the applicant’s primary strengths and weaknesses?
  • How might these affect the applicant’s performance in a Pharm.D degree program and future career in pharmacy?

With what organization or institution are you affiliated?

Circle the role that best describes your primary relationship with the applicant:

  • Teaching Assistant
  • Supervisor
  • Professor (Science)
  • Professor (Math)
  • Professor (Liberal Arts)
  • Pre-Health Professions Advisor
  • Politician
  • Pharmacist
  • Health Care Professional
  • Friend
  • Family Member
  • Faculty Advisor
  • Employer
  • Co-Worker
  • Clergy
  • Other

If you are a pharmacist, please answer the following two questions.

  • Pharmacy institution from which you graduated:
  • State in which you are licensed to practice pharmacy, if applicable

If you are a professor or teaching assistant, list all courses with applicant. (e.g., Chemistry, CHEM 101)

How long have you known the applicant:

  • Years
  • Months

How well do you know this applicant? (select one)

  • Very well
  • Moderately
  • Minimally
  • Not at all

How would you rate the applicant for each of the following characteristics? Please select the rating that best describes the applicant in each category. Select ‘Not Observed’ (N/O) if you have not had an opportunity to evaluate the characteristic or have no basis for assessment. (Rating Scale: Superior, Excellent, Good , Average, Below Average, Not Observed)

  • Oral Communication: speaks clearly with precision and accuracy, without ambiguity.
  • Written Communication: writing is precise, accurate, grammatically correct, and unambiguous.
  • Intellectual Ability: academic competence and aptitude for a pharmacy degree program.
  • Leadership: takes initiative and motivates others.
  • Ethics: displays honesty, integrity, and ethical behaviors.
  • Empathy: considerate, sensitive, and tactful in response to others.
  • Reliability: dependable, responsible, prompt, and thorough.
  • Judgment: displays critical thinking skills, common sense, and decisiveness.
  • Interpersonal Relations: able to get along well with peers and superiors.
  • Adaptability: reacts well to stress, is poised and controlled.
  • Professional Appearance: maintains good personal hygiene, appropriate attire, well-groomed.

Recommendation concerning admission (select one):

  • I highly recommend this applicant
  • I recommend this applicant
  • I recommend this applicant, but with some reservations
  • I am not able to recommend this applicant
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