List of PharmCAS Questions For Evaluators

The list of evaluator questions is provided for informational purposes only and intended to help you select evaluators who can best respond to them on your behalf. All responses to these questions must be submitted by your evaluators via the Evaluator Portal.

Evaluator Information

  • Address, City, State, Postal Code
  • Phone Number
  • How long have you known the applicant?
  • How well do you know the applicant?
  • In what capacity do you know the applicant?
  • If you selected “Instructor/Professor” above, in what subject area (e.g. biology, chemistry, mathematics, etc.) have you taught the applicant?
  • If you selected “Employee/Supervisor” or “Colleague/Coworker” above, please indicate the applicant’s position and title:
  • If you are a pharmacist, please indicate the pharmacy institution from which you graduated:

Ratings (Scale: Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average, Poor, Not Observed)

  • Adaptability: reacts well to stress, is poised and controlled.
  • Empathy: considerate, sensitive, and tactful in response to others.
  • Ethics: displays honesty, integrity, and ethical behaviors.
  • Intellectual Ability: academic competence and aptitude for a pharmacy degree program.
  • Interpersonal Relations: able to get along well with peers and superiors.
  • Judgment: displays critical thinking skills, common sense, and decisiveness.
  • Leadership: takes initiative and motivates others.
  • Oral Communication: speaks clearly with precision and accuracy, without ambiguity.
  • Reliability: dependable, responsible, prompt, and thorough.
  • Written Communication: writing is precise, accurate, grammatically correct, and unambiguous.

Overall Recommendation Concerning Admission

  • I highly recommend this applicant
  • I recommend this applicant
  • I recommend this applicant with some reservations
  • I am not able to recommend this applicant

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