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Standardized Tests

Visit the PharmCAS School Directory to read the standardized test requirements for your designated programs. Select the type of test and the date it was taken or will be taken on your PharmCAS application, if your designated programs require the test for admission.  We cannot forward your scores to any programs or individuals outside of PharmCAS.

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Pharmacy College Admissions Test – PCAT
Use PCAT PharmCAS Code 104

  • If your designated programs require the PCAT, arrange for Pearson to send your scores directly to PharmCAS-code 104.
  • Pearson will send scores for the most recent test date and up to four previous dates during the past five years. Enter your PCAT information on the Standardized Tests page in the application, including your PCAT CID number.
  • If your PCAT CID number is missing from your application, your official PCAT scores will not be matched to your application.
  • Once your scores are matched, you can view the scores attached to your application in the Standardized Tests section of the Check Status tab.
July 11-12, 2019 May 10, 2019
September 10, 2019 July 10, 2019
October 21-31, November 1, 2019 October 4, 2019
January 6-7, 2020 November 1, 2019
February 1-14, 2020 January 15, 2020

Contact Pearson to request your scores be sent to PharmCAS or register for the exam.

PSE Customer Relations – PCAT
19500 Bulverde Road
San Antonio, Texas 78259
Phone: 1-800-622-3231 or 210-339-8710
Fax: 1-888-211-8276 or 210-339-8711
Email: scoring.services@pearson.com
Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST

Kaplan Test Prep Logo

Test Prep

Kaplan Test Prep has been named the official test prep provider for the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT). The announcement comes in conjunction with the launch of the Kaplan Test Prep and AACP co-sponsored Foundations of the Future Pharmacist Program, which seeks to make PCAT prep more accessible to all students. As part of this program, Kaplan will significantly reduce tuition for its PCAT prep programs (on site; online On Demand; and live, online Classroom Anywhere) and will be offering tuition assistance.

Studies of PCAT scores and Pharm.D. program GPA show a correlation between success on the PCAT and success in Pharm.D. programs. Members of AACP believe that students who prepare for the PCAT are more likely to succeed in a Pharm.D. program as well.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
Use TOEFL PharmCAS Code 8246

If English is not your first (primary) language, your designated programs may require you to submit official TOEFL scores to code 8246 by the application deadline. Please visit the PharmCAS School Directory for program requirements.

Enter your TOEFL scores in the spaces provided. If you have taken the TOEFL multiple times, enter your scores for each date separately. Also enter any planned TOEFL test dates. Do not mix and match scores from different dates. If your name and date of birth on the application do not match your TOEFL record, your  scores cannot be posted to your application.

It takes approximately 10-12 business days from the date you make the request for the TOEFL score to post to your application. PharmCAS does not hold applications for missing TOEFL scores, but programs not consider affected applicants if they are missing or late.

Other Tests

If applying to a Pharm.D. program that requires Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), SAT, ACT, GRE or other test scores, arrange for the testing agency to send those scores directly to the degree program. DO NOT SEND TO PHARMCAS. If you received college credit on a transcript for an AP or IB test subject, report the test credit as a course in the Transcript Entry section of the application.

Non-PharmCAS Programs

If you are applying to one or more Pharm.D. programs that does not participate in PharmCAS, arrange for your test scores to be sent directly to the pharmacy admissions office as required by the Pharm.D. program. PharmCAS cannot forward PCAT or other test scores to any non-PharmCAS programs.

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