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PharmCAS institutions are instructed to select a final (enforced) application deadline and a priority application deadline, if desired. Please refer to the PharmCAS School Manual for related policies. Non-PharmCAS institutions must enter an application deadline and fee amount.

What is the final (enforced) application deadline for your program?
PharmCAS institutions may choose to set a priority deadline to encourage applicants to apply earlier in the admissions cycle. Priority deadlines are non-binding. Applicants may apply to one or more schools with a priority deadline or apply to a school after the priority deadline has passed (and before the regular deadline has passed). PharmCAS will not determine whether an applicant has met a school’s priority deadline requirements, nor distinguish between regular and priority applications in processing. If an applicant misses a priority deadline and still wishes to be considered for any school-specific incentives associated with a priority deadline, PharmCAS will instruct the applicant to contact the school directly. If you do not have a priority deadline, select "None" from the list below.

Priority deadlines cannot be set after the final deadline date, nor changed or extended after the cycle launches.
What is the priority application deadline for your program?
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