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  aacp_institution_number: '5400'
  acad_health: 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  accred_status: '1'
  active: 'Yes'
  ac_cpr: 'Yes'
  ac_deposit_details: 'Candidates have 14 calendar days from when the offer was sent to accept the offer of admission and pay the initial $100 deposit. The final $100 deposit is due by March 1.'
  ac_deposit_radio: 'Yes'
  ac_deposit_refundable: 'No'
  ac_firstday: ''
    - '2021-09-22'
  admin_status: Published
    - AEO_1
  aeo_other: ''
  aeo_radio: 'Yes'
  application_deadline_description: ''
  application_fee: ''
    - 'Yes'
  banner_image: 'Directory Photo.jpg'
  cag_aacp: 'Yes'
  cbc_radio: 'No'
    format: restricted_html
    value: ''
  college_or_school_name: 'College of Pharmacy'
    - contact_email:
      contact_extension: ''
      contact_name: 'Angela Austin'
      contact_office: ''
      contact_title: 'Director of Student Services/Head Advisor '
      contact_work: 541-737-3424
    - contact_email:
      contact_extension: ''
      contact_name: 'Anne Taylor'
      contact_office: ''
      contact_title: 'Admissions & Recruitment Coordinator'
      contact_work: 541-737-3424
    - 'Yes'
    - ''
    - ''
    - 'Yes'
  course_prerequisites_link: ''
  credit_hour_policies: 'A bachelors degree is not required for admission to the Pharm.D. program. Contact Pharm.D. Admissions for additional information. '
  crit_gpa_info: |
    Recommended Prerequisite GPA: 2.75
    While the recommended prerequisite GPA is 2.75, we strongly encourage applicants below a 2.75 to apply. The OSU College of Pharmacy practices a holistic admission process, and will assess a complete application for additional student strengths besides GPA. 
  crit_mingpa: N/A
  crit_pcat: N/A
  crit_prereqgpa: N/A
  deadline_date: 'June 1, 2022'
  drug_radio: 'No'
  dual_concurrent: |
    The Pharm.D./MBA dual-degree is designed to enhance the business skills, knowledge and practical experience of students in the Pharm.D program. 
    There are recommended courses to take in undergraduate. Please contact us for more information. 
    The dual-degree Pharm.D./Ph.D. is an option for students who have an intense interest in participating in drug discovery and development as a research scientist, applying clinical knowledge to developing or enhancing the use of medications. 
  dual_conc_radio: 'No'
  dual_deg: 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  dual_oth_desc: ''
    - 'Yes'
    - 'US Citizens'
    - 'US Permanent Residents'
    - 'US Temporary Residents'
    - 'Canadian Citizens'
    - 'Foreign (non-US) Citizens with a Visa'
    - 'Foreign (non-US) Citizens'
    - 'Other Non-Citizens (e.g. DACA Students)'
  for_fc_radio: 'Yes'
  for_other: 'Foreign transcripts are evaluated on a case by case basis. '
  for_policy_radio: '1'
    - 'Yes'
  institution_name: 'Oregon State University'
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  interview_link: ''
  interview_process: 'Oregon State University has implemented a modified Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) process.  Candidates will have four 7 minute interviews and a team activity.  Candidates will also have the opportunity to talk with current Pharm.D. students and meet our faculty.  '
    - 'Yes'
    - pre_courseqtr: '5'
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'General Chemistry I w/Lab'
    - pre_courseqtr: '5'
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'General Chemistry II w/Lab'
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Biology/Biological Science'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Principles of Biology I w/Lab'
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Biology/Biological Science'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Principles of Biology II w/Lab'
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Organic Chemistry I w/Lab'
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Organic Chemistry II w/Lab'
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Physiology
      pre_coursetitle: 'Physiology - if physiology is part of a sequence, the whole sequence must be completed'
    - pre_courseqtr: '6'
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Biochemistry
      pre_coursetitle: Biochemistry
    - pre_courseqtr: '3'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Microbiology
      pre_coursetitle: Microbiology
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Math
      pre_coursetitle: Calculus
    - pre_courseqtr: '3'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Statistics
      pre_coursetitle: Statistics
    - pre_courseqtr: '3'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Economics
      pre_coursetitle: 'Public Health Care Delivery/ Economics'
  lor_acc_radio: 'Yes'
  lor_c1a_radio: 'Recommended but Not Required'
  lor_c1b_text: ''
  lor_c1c_radio: 'No'
  lor_c2a_radio: 'Not Accepted'
  lor_c2b_text: ''
  lor_c2c_radio: ''
  lor_details: ''
    Clergy: 'NO ANSWER'
    Co-Worker: 'NO ANSWER'
    Employer: 'NO ANSWER'
    'Family Member': 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    Friend: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    'Health Care Professional': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    Politician: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    'Pre-Health Advisor': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Liberal Arts)': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    'Professor (Math)': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    'Professor (Science)': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    'Teaching Assistant': 'NOT ACCEPTED'
  lor_num_radio: '2'
  nonp_deadline: ''
  notify_title: ''
    - 'Yes'
  old_id: '437'
    'Non-Science Course Prerequisites': 'Yes'
    'Science Course Prerequisites with Labs': 'Yes'
    'Science Course Prerequisites without Labs ': 'Yes'
  online_classes_open_text: ''
  online_interview_option: '1'
    'Non-Science Course Prerequisites': Varies
    'Science Course Prerequisites with Labs': 'Yes, but only if no letter grade option available'
    'Science Course Prerequisites without Labs ': 'Yes, but only if no letter grade option available'
  pass_fail_classes_open_text: ''
    - 'Yes'
  pd_deg_pref: 'Not Required'
  phar_observation: NR
  phar_other_info: ''
    format: restricted_html
    value: ''
  post_bs_additional_info: ''
  post_bs_degree_abroad: 'No'
  pre_basic_hrs: '43'
  pre_complete: 'Applicants must complete all required course prerequisites by the end of the summer term prior to enrolling in the Pharm.D. degree program in the fall term.'
  pre_other: |
    All applicants should review the detailed list of prerequisites on our website to make sure you have met or will meet the requirements, particularly related to physiology and biochemistry.
    We encourage you to contact us to have your transcripts evaluated for prerequisites. 
    If a student is planning to start the Pharm.D. program before completing a bachelors degree, they need the following courses in addition to the prerequisites: 
    - One course in Writing or English Composition; a second course is preferred.
    - One course in Interpersonal Communication or Speech; Interpersonal Communication is preferred.
    - One course in the social or behavioral sciences, such as sociology, psychology, ethnic studies, or anthropology. 
  pre_quarter: '82'
  pre_quarter_science: '66'
  pre_semester: '55'
  priority_deadline_incentives: 'To be eligible for first-year scholarships and the Portland-based cohort, applications must be submitted to PharmCAS by November 1.'
    - 'Yes'
  program_description: |
    The OSU College of Pharmacy has been an integral part of Oregon State University for more than 100 years. World-renowned faculty promote full and healthy lives for all Oregonians.
    The three foundational goals of the College of Pharmacy are to provide excellent professional education for our students and continuing education for practicing pharmacists; to foster outstanding and innovative research; and to contribute to public health by developing and promoting ways to provide medications safely and affordably.
    At the core of these goals is the student body. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) students study for two years at Oregon State's main campus in Corvallis, and move to Portland's Oregon Health & Science University for their next and final two years. At OHSU, Pharm.D. students collaborate within the health sciences in an inter-professional education environment. Throughout their coursework, students learn a multidisciplinary approach to studying pharmacy theory and practice. The faculty at the OSU College of Pharmacy are dedicated to educating future pharmacists who are independent scientists committed to providing a better quality of life. 
    Get connected today at our website for more information!
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  program_location: OR
  pubpriv_inst: Public
    - 'Yes'
  res_otherpref_radio: 'No'
  res_otherpref_text: ''
  res_statepref_radio: 'No'
  sa_details: ''
  sa_fee_instructions: ''
  sa_fee_radio: 'No'
  sa_fee_text: ''
  sa_link: ''
  sa_radio: 'No'
  school_city: Corvallis
  school_country: US
  school_state: OR
  school_street_1: '203 Pharmacy Building'
  school_street_2: ''
  school_street_3: ''
  school_zip: '97331'
  seats_target_available_in_upcoming_class: '80'
  short_name: 'Oregon St U'
    - '33'
  spp_1: '4'
  spp_oth_desc: ''
  sp_offered_radio: '2'
  stats_classsize: '90'
  stats_early: '25'
  stats_last_filled_seats: '67'
    - 'Yes'
  tests_other_radio: 'No'
  tests_other_tests: ''
  tests_pcat_link: ''
  tests_pcat_radio: 'Not Required or Considered'
  tests_pcat_text: 'Select PharmCAS Code 104 to report PCAT scores directly to PharmCAS.'
  tests_tt_radio: 'No'
  tests_tt_text: ''
    - 'Yes'
  what_is_the_priority_application_deadline_for_your_program_: 'November 1, 2021'
  yes_phar_observation: ''