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  aacp_institution_number: '3700'
  acad_health: 'Yes'
  accred_status: '1'
  active: 'Yes'
  ac_cpr: 'No'
  ac_deposit_details: 'A $400 non-refundable deposit is required.'
  ac_deposit_radio: 'Yes'
  ac_deposit_refundable: 'No'
  ac_firstday: ''
    - '2021-08-08'
  admin_status: Published
    - AEO_5
    - AEO_2
    - AEO_1
  aeo_other: ''
  aeo_radio: 'Yes'
  application_deadline_description: 'Creighton reviews applications, interviews and extends offers of admission on a rolling basis. Complete applications are normally reviewed within 2 weeks of being verified by PharmCAS.'
  application_fee: ''
  banner_image: Pharmacy-Web-Header-3.jpg
  cag_aacp: 'No'
  cbc_radio: 'Yes'
    format: restricted_html
    value: '<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>'
  college_or_school_name: 'School of Pharmacy and Health Professions'
    - contact_email:
      contact_extension: ''
      contact_name: 'Shane Bumsted, MS'
      contact_office: 'Criss Health Science Room 151 '
      contact_title: 'Interim Director of Admission '
      contact_work: '(402) 280-2662'
    - ''
    - ''
    - 'Yes'
  credit_hour_policies: ''
  crit_gpa_info: ''
  crit_mingpa: N/A
  crit_pcat: N/A
  crit_prereqgpa: N/A
  deadline_date: 'June 1, 2021'
  drug_radio: 'No'
  dual_concurrent: 'PharmD/MBA is available for all pathways and the PharmD/MS Pharmaceutical Sciences program is only available for the campus pathway. '
  dual_conc_radio: 'No'
  dual_deg: 'Yes'
  dual_oth_desc: ''
  edp_radio: 'No'
    - 'US Citizens'
    - 'US Permanent Residents'
    - 'US Temporary Residents'
    - 'Canadian Citizens'
    - 'Foreign (non-US) Citizens with a Visa'
    - 'Foreign (non-US) Citizens'
    - 'Other Non-Citizens (e.g. DACA Students)'
  for_fc_radio: 'Yes'
  for_other: 'Due to F1 Visa requirements and timelines, we require international students to complete all admission prerequisites by July 1 prior to enrollment to ensure adequate time for processing. Students studying at Creighton who are on an international student visa are not eligible for the distance pathway due to federal regulations for distance study.'
  for_policy_radio: '3'
  institution_name: 'Creighton University'
  interview_link: ''
  interview_process: 'Interviewees are required to be on campus for entire duration/agenda of the interview day.  Interview days consist of multiple information sessions, as well as a 25 minute interview.  Either a pair of two faculty members or a pair of one faculty member and one alumnus will conduct the interview. The interview is closed file. Should the University be closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, interviews will move to a virtual format. '
    - pre_courseqtr: '12'
      pre_coursesem: '8'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Biology/Biological Science'
      pre_coursetitle: 'General Biology I & II with labs* '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4.5'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Anatomy
      pre_coursetitle: 'Human Anatomy* '
    - pre_courseqtr: '12'
      pre_coursesem: '8'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'General Chemistry I & II with labs* '
    - pre_courseqtr: '12'
      pre_coursesem: '8'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Organic Chemistry I & II with labs* '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4.5'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Math
      pre_coursetitle: 'Calculus* '
    - pre_courseqtr: '9'
      pre_coursesem: '6'
      pre_coursesubject: 'English Composition / Writing'
      pre_coursetitle: 'English (including Composition) '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4.5'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Communication / Speech (Verbal)'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Speech (Must include public speaking.) '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4.5'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Psychology
      pre_coursetitle: 'Psychology '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4.5'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Economics
      pre_coursetitle: 'Economics '
    - pre_courseqtr: '27.5'
      pre_coursesem: '18'
      pre_coursesubject: 'General Elective(s)'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Electives* '
  lor_acc_radio: 'Yes'
  lor_c1a_radio: 'No Answer'
  lor_c1b_text: ''
  lor_c1c_radio: ''
  lor_c2a_radio: 'No Answer'
  lor_c2b_text: ''
  lor_c2c_radio: ''
  lor_details: 'Creighton requires two letters of reference, but will accept up to four. Applicants are strongly encouraged to identify recommenders who can attest to their professionalism, maturity, aptitude for clinical doctoral coursework, and knowledge of the pharmacy profession.'
    Clergy: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    Co-Worker: ACCEPTED
    Employer: ACCEPTED
    'Faculty Advisor': ACCEPTED
    'Family Member': 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    Friend: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    'Health Care Professional': ACCEPTED
    Politician: ACCEPTED
    'Pre-Health Advisor': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Liberal Arts)': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Math)': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Science)': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    Supervisor: ACCEPTED
    'Teaching Assistant': ACCEPTED
  lor_num_radio: '2'
  nonp_deadline: ''
  notify_title: ''
  old_id: '415'
  pd_deg_pref: 'Not Required'
  phar_observation: NR
  phar_other_info: ''
    format: restricted_html
    value: '<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>'
  pre_basic_hrs: '27'
  pre_complete: 'All prerequisite coursework must be completed by August 1st prior to program matriculation. International students (campus pathway only) planning to enroll under an F-1 visa are required to complete all prerequisite coursework by July 1st prior to program matriculation to ensure timely processing of Visa paper work.'
  pre_other: 'The biology chemistry courses must be a two-semester, eight-hour or equivalent course sequence. A course sequence is considered to be a correlated pair of courses offering in-depth coverage of a specific field and must be at a level such that the courses would be acceptable as prerequisites to advance towards a baccalaureate degree in that discipline. For chemistry and biology courses, survey courses, courses without associated laboratories, courses designed for non-science majors, or online science courses utilizing a laboratory kit are not acceptable as prerequisite science courses.'
  pre_quarter: '95'
  pre_quarter_science: '40.5'
  pre_semester: '63'
  program_description: 'Creighton University has a long-standing tradition of excellence in advancing health care professions through service, innovative technology, community outreach, professionalism, and clinical experience. Our Doctor of Pharmacy program has built upon this tradition since 1905. In 2001, we formed the nation''s first Distance Pathway allowing students, who are unable to relocate, to complete the majority of  their pharmacy program online (labs are completed on-campus in Omaha, NE for a few weeks each summer and pharmacy practice clinical experiences can be completed closer to home). This fall 2021, we will enroll the first class of our Phoenix Pathway at our new 183,000-square-foot interprofessional Health Sciences Campus at Park Central in midtown Phoenix, AZ. Clinical settings for our PharmD students are diverse and numerous. We have over 1000 established relationships with clinical sites across the United States and internationally, with over 30 elective opportunities to choose from, including unique opportunities in Medication Therapy Management. Please visit our website for more details at'
  program_location: NE
  pubpriv_inst: Private
  res_otherpref_radio: 'No'
  res_otherpref_text: ''
  res_statepref_radio: 'No'
    - 'Campus Pathway, established in 1905, Omaha, NE'
    - 'Distance Pathway, established in 2001, United States'
    - 'Phoenix Pathway, starting 2021, Phoenix, AZ'
  sa_details: ''
  sa_fee_instructions: ''
  sa_fee_radio: 'No'
  sa_fee_text: ''
  sa_link: ''
  sa_radio: 'No'
  school_city: Omaha
  school_country: US
  school_state: NE
  school_street_1: '2500 California Plaza'
  school_street_2: ''
  school_street_3: ''
  school_zip: '68178'
  short_name: 'Creighton U'
    - '12'
  spp_1: '8'
  spp_oth_desc: ''
  sp_offered_radio: '1'
  stats_classsize: '145'
  stats_early: '15'
  stats_last_filled_seats: '141'
  tests_other_radio: 'No'
  tests_other_tests: ''
  tests_pcat_link: ''
  tests_pcat_radio: Optional
  tests_pcat_text: 'PCAT is not required for consideration for admission. '
  tests_tt_radio: 'Yes'
  tests_tt_text: 'The TOEFL may be waived if an international student has completed 2+ years of full-time college coursework at a regionally accredited college or university within the United States'
  yes_phar_observation: ''