St. John Fisher University does consider students for transfer admission to both the campus pathway and online pathway of its PharmD program. Transfer admission is granted on a case-by-case basis to transfer applicants who are in good academic standing at their previous/current pharmacy program.
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  aacp_institution_number: '4150'
  acad_health: 'No'
    - 'Yes'
  accred_status: '1'
  active: 'Yes'
  ac_cpr: 'No'
  ac_deposit_details: $500.00
  ac_deposit_radio: 'Yes'
  ac_deposit_refundable: 'No'
  ac_firstday: |
    An academic calendar is provided upon acceptance. New student orientation/Immersion is held on campus (Rochester, NY) during the week prior to the start of classes.
    - '2024-09-03'
  admin_status: Published
    - AEO_1
  aeo_other: ''
  aeo_radio: 'Yes'
  application_deadline_description: 'Early application is strongly encouraged and can be beneficial in seeking scholarships and making certain all prerequisites are completed.'
  application_fee: ''
    - 'Yes'
  banner_image: PharmCasBanner1_0.jpg
  cag_aacp: 'No'
  cbc_radio: 'Yes'
    format: restricted_html
    value: '<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>'
  college_or_school_name: 'Wegmans School of Pharmacy'
    - contact_email:
      contact_extension: ''
      contact_name: 'Faith Schmitt'
      contact_office: 'Wegmans School of Pharmacy'
      contact_title: 'Admissions Manager'
      contact_work: 833-976-1429
    - contact_email:
      contact_extension: ''
      contact_name: 'Dr. David McCaffrey'
      contact_office: 'Wegmans School of Pharmacy'
      contact_title: 'Associate Dean of Student Affairs'
      contact_work: ''
    - contact_email:
      contact_extension: ''
      contact_name: 'Kristin Blake'
      contact_office: 'Transfer and Graduate Admissions'
      contact_title: 'Assistant Director, Transfer and Graduate Admissions'
      contact_work: 800-444-4640
    - 'Yes'
    - ''
    - ''
    - ''
    - ''
    - ''
    - 'Yes'
  course_prerequisites_link: ''
  credit_hour_policies: ''
  crit_gpa_info: 'For those choosing to submit an application without a PCAT score, it is recommended that your science-only GPA and cumulative GPA be 3.0 or greater.'
  crit_mingpa: '2.75'
  crit_pcat: N/A
  crit_prereqgpa: '2.75'
  drug_radio: 'No'
  dual_concurrent: ''
  dual_conc_radio: 'No'
  dual_deg: 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  dual_oth_desc: ''
    - 'Yes'
  final_deadline_date: 'June 3, 2024'
  foreign_pharmacists_to_entry_level_program: 'Yes'
  foreign_pharmacist_additional_info: 'For the online pathway, applicants must be a permanent resident or a US citizen residing in the United States.  Program prerequisites must be met by Foreign-educated Pharmacists without a U.S. License.  Please contact for assistance in determining which prerequisites, if any, remain to be satisfied.'
    - 'US Citizens'
    - 'US Permanent Residents'
    - 'US Temporary Residents'
  for_fc_radio: 'No'
  for_other: |
    St. John Fisher College maintains an International Student Services Office to provide assistance to Canadian/International applicants/students with admission-related matters, legal status maintenance, as well as other services that are unique to this constituency. The WSoP only accepts evaluations from WES.
    *International students are unable to enroll in our online pathway.
  for_policy_radio: '1'
    - 'Yes'
  institution_name: 'St. John Fisher University - Online Pathway'
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  interview_link: ''
  interview_process: 'Candidate interviews are by invitation only. Those applicants selected for an interview will be contacted via email or phone for scheduling. Applicants are invited to interview on a rolling basis.  The Wegmans School of Pharmacy uses Kira Assessment in addition to a live meeting with a member of its Admissions Committee.  Applicants are invited to interview on a rolling basis typically from August through the end of the admission cycle.'
    - 'Yes'
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'General Chemistry I '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'General Chemistry II '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: 'English Composition / Writing'
      pre_coursetitle: 'English Composition '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Communication / Speech (Verbal)'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Speech (Public Speaking preferred) '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: 'English Composition / Writing'
      pre_coursetitle: 'English/Literature Elective '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Organic Chemistry I '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Organic Chemistry II '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '12'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Biology/Biological Science'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Biology '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Physics
      pre_coursetitle: 'Physics '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Statistics
      pre_coursetitle: 'Statistics '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Math
      pre_coursetitle: 'Calculus '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '12'
      pre_coursesubject: 'General Elective(s)'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Humanities/Social Sciences '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Economics
      pre_coursetitle: 'Economics (Microeconomics preferred)'
  lor_acc_radio: 'Yes'
  lor_c1a_radio: 'No Answer'
  lor_c1b_text: ''
  lor_c1c_radio: ''
  lor_c2a_radio: 'Not Accepted'
  lor_c2b_text: ''
  lor_c2c_radio: ''
  lor_details: ''
    Clergy: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    Co-Worker: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    Employer: ACCEPTED
    'Faculty Advisor': ACCEPTED
    'Family Member': 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    Friend: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    'Health Care Professional': ACCEPTED
    Pharmacist: ACCEPTED
    Politician: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    'Pre-Health Advisor': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Any Subject Area)': 'NO ANSWER'
    'Professor (Liberal Arts)': 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    'Professor (Math)': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Science)': ACCEPTED
    Supervisor: ACCEPTED
    'Teaching Assistant': 'NOT ACCEPTED'
  lor_num_radio: '2'
  nonp_deadline: ''
  notify_title: 'St. John Fisher University does consider students for transfer admission to both the campus pathway and online pathway of its PharmD program. Transfer admission is granted on a case-by-case basis to transfer applicants who are in good academic standing at their previous/current pharmacy program.'
    - 'Yes'
  old_id: '453'
    'Non-Science Course Prerequisites': 'Yes'
    'Science Course Prerequisites with Labs': 'Yes'
    'Science Course Prerequisites without Labs ': 'Not Applicable'
  online_classes_open_text: 'We do not accept credits from Straighterline. We only accept credits from regionally accredited colleges.'
  online_interview_option: '1'
    'Non-Science Course Prerequisites': 'Yes'
    'Science Course Prerequisites with Labs': Varies
    'Science Course Prerequisites without Labs ': 'Not Applicable'
  pass_fail_classes_open_text: "The Wegmans School of Pharmacy prefers applicants to receive an actual letter grade (A-B-C) for all math and science courses.\_ In the absence of an actual letter grade, alternative grades (e.g., S or P) will be considered on a case-by-case basis."
    - 'Yes'
  pd_deg_pref: 'Not Required'
  phar_observation: 'No'
  phar_other_info: ''
    format: restricted_html
    value: ''
  post_bs_additional_info: ''
  post_bs_degree_abroad: 'No'
  pre_basic_hrs: '32'
  pre_complete: |
    Complete by end of August 2023 for Standard start; by the end of Spring semester 2023 for Early start.
  pre_other: 'All required science courses (Biology, Chemistry, and Physics) require a laboratory component. Advanced Placement courses are NOT accepted to fulfill science requirements. Three Biology courses are required. General Biology, Anatomy, Physiology, and Microbiology are recommended. All prepharmacy coursework must be completed with a grade of C (2.0) or better PRIOR to matriculation into the Wegmans School of Pharmacy.'
  pre_quarter: '93'
  pre_quarter_science: '48'
  pre_semester: '62'
  priority_deadline_incentives: ''
    - 'Yes'
  program_description: |
    Recognized as a leader in the pharmacy field, the Wegmans School of Pharmacy at St. John Fisher College empowers its students to become pharmacists of intellectual, professional, and civic integrity. Our approach to pharmacy education is grounded in the sciences and emphasizes a student-centered, high-touch learning experience.
    Fisher Pharm.D. Online, the first online Pharm.D. program in New York state, increases access to our patient-centered curriculum. No matter where you live, you can access advanced clinical knowledge and real-world experiences to prepare you for pharmacy licensure. You will progress through the same curriculum we teach on campus and be instructed by our faculty in live classes. To complement coursework, you will engage in experiential learning—which comprises 30% of the curriculum—by participating in supervised clinical rotations in your community. The online pathway has received full accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) through June 2024.
    Pharmacists are needed now more than ever, and Fisher will prepare you to make a difference when it’s most important. Service is at the heart of our mission; we will encourage you to give back through local and global medical outreach and clinical training opportunities.
    For more detailed information about our online pathway, visit
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  program_location: Distance
  pubpriv_inst: Private
    - 'Yes'
  res_otherpref_radio: 'No'
  res_otherpref_text: 'Students must be residents in one of the states or the District of Columbia (excludes US territories or US citizens living abroad).'
  res_statepref_radio: 'No'
  sa_details: ''
  sa_fee_instructions: ''
  sa_fee_radio: 'No'
  sa_fee_text: ''
  sa_link: ''
  sa_radio: 'No'
  school_city: Rochester
  school_country: US
  school_state: NY
  school_street_1: '3690 East Avenue'
  school_street_2: ''
  school_street_3: ''
  school_zip: '14618'
  seats_target_available_in_upcoming_class: '48'
  short_name: 'St. John Fisher U Online'
    - '172'
  spp_1: '8'
  spp_oth_desc: ''
  sp_offered_radio: '7'
  stats_classsize: '50'
  stats_early: '0'
  stats_last_filled_seats: '33'
    - 'Yes'
  tests_other_radio: 'No'
  tests_other_tests: ''
  tests_pcat_link: ''
  tests_pcat_radio: Optional
  tests_pcat_text: 'The Wegmans School of Pharmacy is not requiring the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT); it is optional. However, if you believe the PCAT provides evidence of growth and academic preparedness, you are encouraged to submit PCAT scores to PharmCAS.  Additionally, if your science or cumulative GPA is below 3.0, the PCAT is recommended.  If a PCAT score will be part of your application, you are advised to take the PCAT early in the admission cycle; the PCAT must be taken on or before the February test dates to be considered for fall admission. A minimum composite score not required; however, competitive applicants typically score at or above the 60th percentile.'
  tests_tt_radio: 'Yes'
  tests_tt_text: 'TOEFL is required for international applicants who do not have an Associate''s degree or Bachelor''s degree in the U.S.  The minimum acceptable score on the TOEFL is 575 (paper-based), 233 (computer-based), or 80 (Internet-based).'
    - 'Yes'
  what_is_the_priority_application_deadline_for_your_program_: 'February 1, 2024'
  yes_phar_observation: ''