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Contact Information

75 Dekalb Avenue L-130
New York
United States
New York
  • Name: Brandon Pender
    Title: Pharmacy Admissions Coordinator
    Office: LIU Pharmacy - Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
    Phone (Work): (718) 488-1234

Program Application Deadline

June 1, 2021

Program Information

Full Accreditation
Semester (2 terms per academic year)
* 2 - 4
Not Required

Last Entering Class


Upcoming Entering Class


Dual and Concurrent Degrees

PharmD/MBA (Business Administration), PharmD/MPH (Public Health), PharmD/MS (Master of Science), Other Dual Degrees
PharmD/MS (Master of Science in Drug Regulatory Affairs)
PharmD/MS (Master of Science in Pharmaceutics: Cosmetic Science)
PharmD/MS (Master of Science in Pharmacy Administration)
PharmD/MS (Master of Science in Pharmaceutics: Industrial Pharmacy)
PharmD/MS (Master of Science in Pharmacology & Toxicology)

Program Description

Entering its twelfth decade of providing access to the American dream through excellence in higher education, Long Island University (LIU) is a multi-campus, diverse, doctoral institution. One of the largest and most comprehensive private nonsectarian universities in the country, it offers more than 600 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs and certificates and educates more than 18,000 students. The Arnold & Marie Schwartz College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences was founded in 1886 and is the oldest unit of LIU. Located on the Brooklyn Campus, the College of Pharmacy educates students in the heart of the largest metropolitan area in the country. There are nearly 800 full-time professional students and approximately 250 graduate students enrolled each year. The professional segment of the Doctor of Pharmacy program consists of six semesters of didactic and early experiential coursework and an extramural year of advanced practice experiences, which students complete in hospital, community and other pharmacy practice settings. The professional program provides the specialized education necessary to develop expertise in the ever-broadening field of pharmacy and prepares the student for professional licensure examinations. For additional information please visit the college website:

GPA and Credit Hour Criteria


Course Prerequisites

Course Subject Course Title Semester Hours (Min) Quarter Hours (Min)
Biology/Biological Science General Biology 1 with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - BIO 1) 4
Biology/Biological Science General Biology 2 with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - BIO 2) 4
Chemistry General Chemistry 1 with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - CHM 3) 4
Chemistry General Chemistry 2 with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - CHM 4) 4
Chemistry Organic Chemistry 1 with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - CHM 121) 4
Chemistry Organic Chemistry 2 with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - CHM 122) 4
Anatomy & Physiology Anatomy and Physiology 1 with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - BIO 137) 4
Anatomy & Physiology Anatomy and Physiology 2 with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - BIO 138) 4
Microbiology Microbiology with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - BIO 101) 4
Physics Physics for Pharmacy with Lab (LIU Brooklyn - PHY 27) *General physics may satisfy this requirement 4
Math Calculus 1 (LIU Brooklyn - MTH 40) 4
Statistics Introductory Statistics (LIU Brooklyn - MTH 100) 3
English Composition / Writing English Composition (LIU Brooklyn - ENG 16) 3
Humanities English Literature (LIU Brooklyn - ENG 61, 62, 63, or 64) 3
English Composition / Writing Writing in the Sciences (LIU Brooklyn - ENG 178) *For non-LIU applicants - a second english composition or writing intensive course may satisfy this requirement 3
Communication / Speech (Verbal) Oral Communication (LIU Brooklyn - SPE 3) 3
Psychology Introduction to Psychology (LIU Brooklyn - PSY 3) 3
Economics Introduction to Economics - Macro or Micro (LIU Brooklyn ECO 1 or 2) 3
Humanities Perspectives in World History (LIU Brooklyn - HIS 1 or 2) OR Philosophical Explorations (LIU Brooklyn - PHI 61 or 62) 3
Other Pharmacy Orientation Seminar (LIU Brooklyn - PHM 1) *LIU students only 0
Other First Year Seminar (LIU Brooklyn - FYS 1) *LIU students only 1
Applicants must complete all required course prerequisites by the end of the summer 2021 term prior to enrolling in the Pharm.D. degree program in the fall 2021 term.
Preference will be given to students who complete all prerequisites by the end of Spring 2021. Additionally, it is the applicant's responsibility to be aware and to fulfill the pre-requisite courses required for entry into the Professional Phase (P3) of the PharmD Program. Since the program is very competitive, a grade of "C" or higher in all pre-requisite courses is recommended. Students cannot complete prerequistes once they begin course work in the fall of the P3-professional phase.

Supplemental Materials


PCAT and Other Tests

Submission of the PCAT score is recommended prior to the PharmCAS application deadline.

Observation Hours


Evaluations (Letters of Reference)

Two (2)
  • Employer: ACCEPTED
  • Faculty Advisor: ACCEPTED
  • Health Care Professional: ACCEPTED
  • Pharmacist: ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Liberal Arts): ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Math): ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Science): ACCEPTED
  • Supervisor: ACCEPTED
No Answer
No answer
Two letters of reference are required. These letters may be from an employer, professor, supervisor of a community service project, etc.; however, they may not come from a family member, teaching assistant, co-worker, or friend.



International Applicants

Foreign (non-US) Citizens with a Visa
Send a foreign transcript evaluation report (FTER) to PharmCAS
Evaluation report must be from a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) member organization. See for membership list.
Proof of English proficiency is required for applicants whose native language is not English. The TOEFL PBT / iBT or IELTS will be considered.


Multiple applicants with one or more interviewers
Interviews are conducted bi-weekly from August - May, with additional interviews as needed. The interview is required and the most competitive applicants are invited for interview. At the time of review of the applications, the committee will decide to invite the candidate for an interview, place the candidate on hold for further review, or reject the applicant.

Accepted Applicants

Non-refundable $500.00 deposit.
  • September 08, 2021

Background Checks and Drug Screenings