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  aacp_institution_number: '1250'
  acad_health: 'No'
    - 'Yes'
  accred_status: '1'
  active: 'Yes'
  ac_cpr: 'No'
  ac_deposit_details: 'Accepted student have up to 2 weeks to pay their deposit of $500.  Students depositing within 2 weeks of their interview are eligible for reduced deposit fee.   Any students accepted after May 1st will pay the full $500 enrollment deposit.  These deposits will be applied towards the Fall tuition and are non-refundable if a student later decides to withdraw.'
  ac_deposit_radio: 'Yes'
  ac_deposit_refundable: 'No'
  ac_firstday: 'Classes start the Monday after orientation (generally the 2nd Monday in August).'
    - '2023-08-07'
  admin_status: Published
    - AEO_5
    - AEO_1
  aeo_other: ''
  aeo_radio: 'Yes'
  application_deadline_description: 'We align our final application deadline with that of PharmCAS to best ensure eligible student have ample time to submit their application.  Hope to see your application come through soon.'
  application_fee: ''
    - 'Yes'
  banner_image: PBA_BANNER.jpg
  cag_aacp: 'No'
  cbc_radio: 'Yes'
    format: restricted_html
    value: '<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>'
  college_or_school_name: 'Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy'
    - contact_email:
      contact_extension: ''
      contact_name: 'Pam Newsome'
      contact_office: 'Pharmacy Admissions'
      contact_title: 'Senior Admissions Officer'
      contact_work: 561-803-2751
    - 'Yes'
    - ''
    - 'Yes'
  course_prerequisites_link: ''
  credit_hour_policies: ''
  crit_gpa_info: 'Our minimum prerequisite GPA is 2.75'
  crit_mingpa: N/A
  crit_pcat: N/A
  crit_prereqgpa: '2.75'
  deadline_date: 'June 1, 2023'
  drug_radio: 'Yes'
  dual_concurrent: 'Students interested in the dual degree should consider taking financial accounting and managerial accounting in addition to the Pharmacy prerequisite requirements. If not, they will need to complete these classes after acceptance into the program, prior to taking the MBA courses required for degree completion.'
  dual_conc_radio: 'Yes'
  dual_deg: 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  dual_oth_desc: ''
    - 'Yes'
    - 'US Citizens'
    - 'US Permanent Residents'
    - 'US Temporary Residents'
    - 'Canadian Citizens'
    - 'Foreign (non-US) Citizens with a Visa'
    - 'Other Non-Citizens (e.g. DACA Students)'
  for_fc_radio: 'Yes'
  for_other: ''
  for_policy_radio: '1'
    - 'Yes'
  institution_name: 'Palm Beach Atlantic University'
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  interview_link: ''
  interview_process: 'Candidates who have completed their PharmCAS application, and are selected for interviews will be contacted directly by Palm Beach Atlantic University. Interview Day experiences will include: An overview of PBA and the Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy, Student panel, interviews (teams consist of faculty, students, and/or preceptors), and Tours of the PBA campus and pharmacy building.'
    - 'Yes'
    - pre_courseqtr: '8'
      pre_coursesem: '6'
      pre_coursesubject: 'English Composition / Writing'
      pre_coursetitle: 'English (one course must be English composition) '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Economics
      pre_coursetitle: 'Economics (Micro or Macro Economics preferred) '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Communication / Speech (Verbal)'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Public Speaking or Speech'
    - pre_courseqtr: '12'
      pre_coursesem: '9'
      pre_coursesubject: 'General Elective(s)'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Humanities (Social/Behavioral Sciences may be substituted) '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Statistics
      pre_coursetitle: 'Statistics '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Math
      pre_coursetitle: Calculus
    - pre_courseqtr: '8'
      pre_coursesem: '8'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'General Chemistry I and II with Laboratory '
    - pre_courseqtr: '8'
      pre_coursesem: '8'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Organic Chemistry I and II with Laboratory '
    - pre_courseqtr: '8'
      pre_coursesem: '8'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Biology/Biological Science'
      pre_coursetitle: 'General Biology I and II with Laboratory '
    - pre_courseqtr: '8'
      pre_coursesem: '8'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Anatomy & Physiology'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Anatomy and Physiology I and II with Laboratory '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Microbiology
      pre_coursetitle: 'Microbiology with Lab '
    - pre_courseqtr: '4'
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Biochemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Biochemistry '
  lor_acc_radio: 'Yes'
  lor_c1a_radio: 'Recommended but Not Required'
  lor_c1b_text: ''
  lor_c1c_radio: 'No'
  lor_c2a_radio: 'Recommended but Not Required'
  lor_c2b_text: ''
  lor_c2c_radio: 'No'
  lor_details: ''
    Clergy: ACCEPTED
    Co-Worker: ACCEPTED
    Employer: ACCEPTED
    Friend: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    'Health Care Professional': ACCEPTED
    Pharmacist: ACCEPTED
    Politician: ACCEPTED
    'Pre-Health Advisor': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Any Subject Area)': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    'Professor (Liberal Arts)': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    'Professor (Math)': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    'Professor (Science)': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    Supervisor: ACCEPTED
    'Teaching Assistant': ACCEPTED
  lor_num_radio: '3'
  nonp_deadline: ''
  notify_title: 'New Scholarships Available!!'
    - 'Yes'
  old_id: '439'
    'Non-Science Course Prerequisites': 'Yes'
    'Science Course Prerequisites with Labs': 'Yes'
    'Science Course Prerequisites without Labs ': 'Yes'
  online_classes_open_text: ''
  online_interview_option: '1'
    'Non-Science Course Prerequisites': 'Yes, but only if no letter grade option available'
    'Science Course Prerequisites with Labs': 'Yes, but only if no letter grade option available'
    'Science Course Prerequisites without Labs ': 'Yes, but only if no letter grade option available'
  pass_fail_classes_open_text: ''
    - 'Yes'
  pd_deg_pref: 'Not Required'
  phar_observation: 'No'
  phar_other_info: ''
    format: restricted_html
    value: ''
  post_bs_additional_info: ''
  post_bs_degree_abroad: 'No'
  pre_basic_hrs: '39'
  pre_complete: 'Students should aim at completing the required courses by the end of the spring term for the year that they plan on starting into the program (i.e. Spring of 2023 for a Fall of 2023 start). Students who have been accepted to the program will be provided guidance for any remaining courses. With an admissions approved plan, summer classes can be considered for any remaining requirements. '
  pre_other: 'Grades below a "C-" cannot be accepted towards completion of these requirements. A preferred grade point average of 2.75 is expected for cumulative GPA and required for the science prerequisite courses. All science and math courses must be taken within ten years. Exceptions to the above criteria will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. ***All requirements must be satisfied by the end of the Spring term the year of anticipated enrollment into Pharmacy program, unless approved by Admissions prior to paying initial deposit (i.e. Spring 2023 for enrollment into the Fall 2023 class)***'
  pre_quarter: ''
  pre_quarter_science: ''
  pre_semester: '66'
  priority_deadline_incentives: ''
    - 'Yes'
  program_description: |
    Palm Beach Atlantic University is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. The 25-acre campus is minutes from the Atlantic Ocean and beautiful south Florida beaches, and is situated on the Intracoastal Waterway. The Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy at PBA started in 2001 and graduated its first Pharm.D. class in 2005. Accredited by ACPE, the Gregory School of Pharmacy admits 75 students annually so teaching and learning are personalized and interactive. Community service, leadership opportunities, international and local medical mission trips are just some of the unique experiences pharmacy students at PBA experience. The Lloyd L. Gregory School of Pharmacy exists to develop servant-leaders within the profession of pharmacy by following Christ's example of serving, teaching, and healing those in need. Teaching is geared toward the primary purpose of preparing future pharmacists who excel in patient care and embrace the practice of pharmacy as a calling. The faculty strives to help all students, regardless of religious background, integrate their own spiritual beliefs into a value system that promotes the highest standards of character, compassion, and leadership.
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  program_location: FL
  pubpriv_inst: Private
    - 'Yes'
  res_otherpref_radio: 'No'
  res_otherpref_text: ''
  res_statepref_radio: 'No'
  sa_details: ''
  sa_fee_instructions: ''
  sa_fee_radio: 'No'
  sa_fee_text: ''
  sa_link: ''
  sa_radio: 'No'
  school_city: 'West Palm Beach'
  school_country: US
  school_state: FL
  school_street_1: '901 South Flagler Drive'
  school_street_2: 'P.O. Box 24708'
  school_street_3: ''
  school_zip: '33401'
  seats_target_available_in_upcoming_class: '40'
  short_name: 'Palm Beach Atlantic U'
    - '35'
  spp_1: '8'
  spp_oth_desc: ''
  sp_offered_radio: '1'
  stats_classsize: '75'
  stats_early: '0'
  stats_last_filled_seats: '45'
    - 'Yes'
  tests_other_radio: 'Yes'
  tests_other_tests: ''
    - DAT
    - MCAT
  tests_pcat_link: ''
  tests_pcat_radio: 'Conditionally Required'
  tests_pcat_text: 'PCAT test scores may be required for students where the admissions committee has concerns surrounding some of the grades achieved in targeted coursework.  Additionally, high scores on the PCAT examination may factor into scholarship related decisions and serve as a basis to award scholarships to students who have a GPA below the stated requirement. '
  tests_tt_radio: 'Yes'
  tests_tt_text: 'Required if Eniglish is not a candidate''s first language, and the primary language of instruction with undergraduate studies was not in English.'
    - 'Yes'
  what_is_the_priority_application_deadline_for_your_program_: None
  yes_phar_observation: ''