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  aacp_institution_number: '101'
  acad_health: 'No'
    - 'Yes'
  accred_status: '1'
  active: 'Yes'
  ac_cpr: 'Yes'
  ac_deposit_details: |
    Applicants admitted must provide a $200 deposit within 30 days of receiving their notice of admission, with an additional $300 due by March 1, 2024.  Applicants admitted after February 1, 2024 must provide a $500 deposit within a timeframe stated in their offer letter.  
  ac_deposit_radio: 'Yes'
  ac_deposit_refundable: 'No'
  ac_firstday: 'We anticipate that orientation for entering students will begin on August 5, 2024 which will be the first day of their orientation course, which is required.  This one week course will end with the White Coat Ceremony.'
    - '2024-08-05'
  admin_status: Published
    - AEO_1
  aeo_other: ''
  aeo_radio: 'Yes'
  application_deadline_description: ''
  application_fee: ''
    - 'Yes'
  banner_image: 20230324_JEN_8416.jpg
  cag_aacp: 'Yes'
  cbc_radio: 'Yes'
    format: restricted_html
    value: '<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>'
  college_or_school_name: 'Harrison College of Pharmacy'
    - contact_email:
      contact_extension: ''
      contact_name: 'Mallory Hawkins'
      contact_office: 'Office of Academic Programs'
      contact_title: 'Director for Recruitment '
      contact_work: ''
    - 'Yes'
    - ''
    - 'Yes'
  course_prerequisites_link: ''
  credit_hour_policies: ''
  crit_gpa_info: 'GPAs are calculated using all course attempts.  We do make exceptions to the minimum GPAs for applicants whose recent academic performance has markedly improved after experiencing earlier academic problems.'
  crit_mingpa: '2.5'
  crit_pcat: N/A
  crit_prereqgpa: '2.5'
  drug_radio: 'No'
  dual_concurrent: |
    The PharmD/MPH program is conducted in a partnership with the University of Alabama-Birmingham's School of Public Health.  Students may count 12 hours of their PharmD coursework toward the 42 required hours for the MPH degree.  MPH coursework is delivered online.  
    The PharmD/MBA program is offered in conjunction with Auburn University's Harbert College of Business with the MBA courses offered online. Students may count 6 MBA hours towards the PharmD and 6 PharmD hours toward the MBA.
  dual_conc_radio: 'No'
  dual_deg: 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  dual_oth_desc: ''
    - 'Yes'
  final_deadline_date: 'June 3, 2024'
  foreign_pharmacists_to_entry_level_program: 'Yes'
  foreign_pharmacist_additional_info: 'Please contact for questions about international applications.'
    - 'US Citizens'
    - 'US Permanent Residents'
    - 'US Temporary Residents'
    - 'Canadian Citizens'
    - 'Foreign (non-US) Citizens with a Visa'
    - 'Foreign (non-US) Citizens'
    - 'Other Non-Citizens (e.g. DACA Students)'
  for_fc_radio: 'Yes'
  for_other: ''
  for_policy_radio: '1'
    - 'Yes'
  institution_name: 'Auburn University'
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  interview_link: ''
  interview_process: 'Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy will be offering both on-campus (on both the Auburn and Mobile campuses) and virtual interviews for the 2022-2023 admissions cycle.  On-campus interviews (either in Auburn or Mobile) are encouraged. Applicants are asked to state their interview preference on their PharmCAS application.  Additional information will be provided as part of the invitation to interview.'
    - 'Yes'
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '6'
      pre_coursesubject: 'English Composition / Writing'
      pre_coursetitle: 'English Composition I and II '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '8'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Fundamentals of Chemistry I and II with Lab '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '8'
      pre_coursesubject: Chemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Organic Chemistry I and II with Lab '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Biochemistry
      pre_coursetitle: 'Biochemistry '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Microbiology
      pre_coursetitle: 'Microbiology with Lab '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: Math
      pre_coursetitle: 'Calculus '
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '3'
      pre_coursesubject: Statistics
      pre_coursetitle: 'Statistics (general, biostatistics, or social science emphasis). Not business statistics.'
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Biology/Biological Science'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Principles of Biology with Lab'
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '4'
      pre_coursesubject: 'Anatomy & Physiology'
      pre_coursetitle: 'Human Anatomy and Physiology I and II or Upper Division Physiology (Human, Mammalian, Vertebrate or Animal)'
    - pre_courseqtr: ''
      pre_coursesem: '18'
      pre_coursesubject: Humanities
      pre_coursetitle: 'Additional Humanities/Social Sciences'
  lor_acc_radio: 'Yes'
  lor_c1a_radio: 'Recommended but Not Required'
  lor_c1b_text: ''
  lor_c1c_radio: 'Yes'
  lor_c2a_radio: 'Recommended but Not Required'
  lor_c2b_text: ''
  lor_c2c_radio: 'Yes'
  lor_details: 'We require 2 letters.  One one reference must be from professor who has taught you in a college math or science course and one reference must be from someone who can attest to your personal character (e.g., advisor, employer, pastor, coach, another instructor, etc.). Composite or committee letters from your undergraduate college or university may be substituted in place of the two references.'
    Clergy: ACCEPTED
    Employer: ACCEPTED
    'Family Member': 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    Friend: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    'Health Care Professional': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    Politician: 'NOT ACCEPTED'
    'Pre-Health Advisor': 'RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED'
    'Professor (Any Subject Area)': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Liberal Arts)': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Math)': ACCEPTED
    'Professor (Science)': REQUIRED
    Supervisor: ACCEPTED
    'Teaching Assistant': ACCEPTED
  lor_num_radio: '2'
  nonp_deadline: ''
  notify_title: ''
    - 'Yes'
  old_id: '407'
    'Non-Science Course Prerequisites': 'Yes'
    'Science Course Prerequisites with Labs': 'Yes'
    'Science Course Prerequisites without Labs ': 'Yes'
  online_classes_open_text: 'While there are not specific limits on the number of hours or subjects that can be completed via online coursework, applicants are expected to complete most of their prerequisite hours in traditional in-person courses.'
  online_interview_option: '1'
    'Non-Science Course Prerequisites': 'Yes, but only if no letter grade option available'
    'Science Course Prerequisites with Labs': 'Yes, but only if no letter grade option available'
    'Science Course Prerequisites without Labs ': 'Yes, but only if no letter grade option available'
  pass_fail_classes_open_text: ''
    - 'Yes'
  pd_deg_pref: 'Not Required'
  phar_observation: NR
  phar_other_info: 'Applicants are not required to have previous work experience or observation hours in a pharmacy practice setting.  However, during the interview process, we expect that applicants should have acquired sufficient knowledge to be able to answer questions about the profession of pharmacy and explain why they want to be a pharmacist.'
    format: restricted_html
    value: '<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>'
  post_bs_additional_info: ''
  post_bs_degree_abroad: 'No'
  pre_basic_hrs: '38'
  pre_complete: 'All prerequisite coursework must be completed prior to the start of Fall Semester (August) 2024.'
  pre_other: |
    The HSOP's Associate Dean for Academic Programs may waive certain prerequisite courses for applicants that will be entering with a Bachelor's Degree.
    Physiology - Applicants must complete an 8-hour anatomy and physiology course sequence or a 4-hour upper division course in physiology (human, medical, mammalian, animal, vertebrate).
    Additional Humanities/Social Sciences include courses in History, Literature, Fine Arts, Philosophy, Religion, Foreign Languages, Ethics, Speech, Communications, Economics, Political Science, Anthropology, Geography, Sociology, and Psychology.
    Successful completion of additional science coursework will be favorably considered as part of the HSOP's holistic admissions process. Particularly relevant courses include:
    Biological Sciences - additional upper division coursework (e.g., Genetics/Genomic Biology, Immunology, Physiology, Cell Biology, Histology, Advanced Microbiology, Comparative Anatomy)
    Chemistry (e.g., Physical Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Enzymology)
    Math beyond Calculus I
  pre_quarter: ''
  pre_quarter_science: ''
  pre_semester: '62'
  priority_deadline_incentives: ''
    - 'Yes'
  program_description: |
    Harrison College of Pharmacy (HCOP) has been a part of Auburn University’s rich family history and tradition since 1885. Our program is built on the foundation of patient care as we aspire to educate tomorrow’s pharmacists. Aspiring students enter a professional program in which faculty/student relationships are built on mutual respect and trust. HCOP's trend-setting curriculum is fully integrated and prepares graduates who are ready to enter practice with personal character, confidence, and competence to assume leadership positions. HCOP is located in the Walker Building on the Auburn University campus. Students’ learning is positively affected by small group meeting rooms, high-tech lecture halls, a multipurpose skills lab, a pharmaceutical care center, and a pharmacy dispensary. The Mobile Campus is located at the University of South Alabama. The facilities are similar to those on the Auburn Campus and the extensive use of information technology facilitates the replication of Auburn's quality Pharm.D. program for Mobile Campus students. 
    Auburn is a community dedicated to the University and its 31,000 students. The campus environment affords access to amenities that are typical for a major university, including a new performing arts center and SEC athletics. 
    Mobile is part of a metropolitan area of approximately 600,000 people and is near the lovely Alabama Gulf Coast. It is a city known for its rich history, including the celebration of Mardi Gras. The location of the Mobile satellite on the campus of the University of South Alabama provides students with the opportunity to experience campus life while completing their professional degree. 
    - 'Yes'
    - 'Yes'
  program_location: AL
  pubpriv_inst: Public
    - 'Yes'
  res_otherpref_radio: 'No'
  res_otherpref_text: |
    Auburn University's Office of the Registrar makes decisions on residency status based on the policies that are available at
  res_statepref_radio: 'No'
    - 'Auburn University Harrison School of Pharmacy - Mobile'
  sa_details: ''
  sa_fee_instructions: ''
  sa_fee_radio: 'No'
  sa_fee_text: ''
  sa_link: ''
  sa_radio: 'No'
  school_city: 'Auburn University'
  school_country: US
  school_state: AL
  school_street_1: '2316 Walker Building'
  school_street_2: ''
  school_street_3: ''
  school_zip: '36849'
  seats_target_available_in_upcoming_class: '150'
  short_name: 'Auburn U'
    - '4'
  spp_1: '8'
  spp_oth_desc: ''
  sp_offered_radio: '1'
  stats_classsize: '150'
  stats_early: '16'
  stats_last_filled_seats: '130'
    - 'Yes'
  tests_other_radio: 'Yes'
  tests_other_tests: 'VCAT - Veterinary College Admissions Test'
    - DAT
    - GRE
    - MCAT
    - OAT
    - Other
  tests_pcat_link: ''
  tests_pcat_radio: Optional
  tests_pcat_text: |
    Completing the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) is an optional component of the Harrison School of Pharmacy’s application process. Applicants who wish to submit a PCAT score should request that their PCAT scores be submitted to PharmCAS (school code 104).
    Applicants may also submit their scores for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), Dental Aptitude Test (DAT), Optometry Admissions Test (OAT), Veterinary College Admissions Test (VCAT), or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for consideration to the HSOP’s Office of Academic Programs. Such tests should have been taken within five (5) years of the date of application to the Pharm.D. program.
  tests_tt_radio: 'No'
  tests_tt_text: 'Proficiency in spoken English will be assessed during the interview process.  Proficiency in English (both spoken and written) is essential for success in our Pharm.D. Program.'
    - 'Yes'
  what_is_the_priority_application_deadline_for_your_program_: None
  yes_phar_observation: ''