Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at Saint Joseph's University no longer requires PCAT test scores for admission.
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Contact Information

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at Saint Joseph's University no longer requires PCAT test scores for admission.
5600 City Ave
United States

Program Application Deadline

May 1, 2023

Program Information

Full Accreditation
Saint Joseph’s offers two campus locations in Philadelphia that we fondly refer to as “Hawk Hill” (located at 5600 City Avenue) and “University City” (600 South 43rd Street). The majority of coursework will be conducted at the University City campus., Our two locations offer the best of both a city and suburban student experience including academics and campus life., Each location brings complementary facility highlights: from state-of-the-art laboratories and brand-new recreation facilities in University City to a world-class arboretum and Division I athletics arena on Hawk Hill.
Semester (2 terms per academic year)
* 0 - 6/7
Not Required
Affiliation or articulation agreement with undergraduate institution(s), Early assurance

Last Entering Class


Dual and Concurrent Degrees

Select Masters and/or PhD programs are available.

Students in the PharmD program complete a curriculum which includes certifications in immunizations, medication therapy management, diabetes management, mental health, first aid, and SBIRT motivational interviewing; additional certificates may also be available.

Program Description

The Philadelphia College of Pharmacy was the first college of pharmacy in North America, founded in 1821. Now a part of the School of Health Professions in Saint Joseph’s University, the Philadelphia College of Pharmacy offers its students the same high-quality curriculum with an expanded network of industry partners, alumni networking and opportunities for interdisciplinary study.

The Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) program mirrors the complex realities of modern practice, preparing students to thrive in today’s pharmacy environment. Ranked among the best pharmacy programs by U.S. News & World Report, our accredited Pharm.D. program offers a comprehensive professional curriculum combined with hands-on pharmacy practice experiences.

Under the guidance of expert practitioner-faculty and in state-of-the-art facilities, you will study immunizations, comprehensive medicine management, diabetes management, SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment) and more. Our coursework and approach provides the preparation necessary to pass the North American Pharmacist Licensure Examination® (NAPLEX®) and obtain state certification to become a practicing pharmacist. In Saint Joseph’s Pharm.D. program, you will gain hands-on pharmacy experience early on and build upon it through graduation. You’ll benefit from more than 400 local, national and international clinical affiliation sites for training, including some of the most renowned hospitals, medical centers and pharmaceutical companies.

You can add to your education through residencies, fellowships, minors, interdisciplinary coursework, additional degrees or certificates. Capstone courses allow you to explore drug therapy in the management & prevention of many disease states, work directly with data systems records that simulate those used in pharmacy practice, and develop drug therapy regimens using data from actual patients.

GPA and Credit Hour Criteria


Course Prerequisites

Course Subject Course Title Semester Hours (Min) Quarter Hours (Min)
Biology/Biological Science General Biology I with Lab (NOT Anatomy & Physiology) 4
Biology/Biological Science General Biology II with Lab (NOT Anatomy & Physiology) 4
Chemistry General Chemistry I with Lab 4
Chemistry General Chemistry II with Lab 4
Chemistry Organic Chemistry I with Lab 4
Chemistry Organic Chemistry II with Lab 4
Microbiology Microbiology with lab 4
Anatomy & Physiology Human Anatomy & Physiology I 3
Anatomy & Physiology Human Anatomy & Physiology II 3
Math Calculus I 3
Physics Physics with lab 4
Statistics Statistics 3
Economics Economics (e.g., Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Health Economics) 3
Social/Behavioral Science Social/Behavioral Science (Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, etc.) 3
English Composition / Writing Writing Intensive English (if bachelor degree earned before enrolling = 3 credits required; no bachelor degree = 6 credits required) 6
Communication / Speech (Verbal) Intro to Communication or Public Speaking 3
Humanities Humanities (NOT required if earned a bachelor degree prior to enrolling at Saint Joseph’s University) 6
Accepted students must complete all course prerequisites prior to their first day of class in August.
  • Science Course Prerequisites with Labs: Varies
  • Science Course Prerequisites without Labs : Varies
  • Non-Science Course Prerequisites: Varies
Saint Joseph’s University understands the constraints on students during the recent COVID pandemic, and will accept pre-requisites from online courses completed during this time.
  • Science Course Prerequisites with Labs: Not sure at this time
  • Science Course Prerequisites without Labs : Not sure at this time
  • Non-Science Course Prerequisites: Not sure at this time
Students with a bachelor's degree, applying for the 1st professional year of the Pharmacy program may view additional pre-requisite information on our website at

College students who have not yet earned a bachelor's degree, and interested in applying to the pre-professional level of the Pharmacy program should consult our website for additional information regarding pre-requisite requirements.

Applicants will be evaluated for placement in the program based on prior college experience.

Supplemental Materials


PCAT and Other Tests

Philadelphia College of Pharmacy at Saint Joseph's does NOT require PCAT tests for admission. Applicants who wish to submit PCAT test scores (official or unofficial) may do so, but PCAT scores are not required for admission.
ACT, CASPer, DAT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT, OAT, SAT, Situational Judgement Test, Other
Saint Joseph's does NOT require any test scores, however we welcome any scores that applicant's would like to include as part of their application review.

Observation Hours

Recommended, but not required
Observation or shadowing hours are not required, but are recommended.

Evaluations (Letters of Reference)

Two (2)
  • Clergy: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Co-Worker: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Employer: ACCEPTED
  • Faculty Advisor: ACCEPTED
  • Family Member: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Friend: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Health Care Professional: ACCEPTED
  • Pharmacist: ACCEPTED
  • Politician: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Pre-Health Advisor: ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Any Subject Area): ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Liberal Arts): ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Math): ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Science): ACCEPTED
  • Supervisor: ACCEPTED
  • Teaching Assistant: ACCEPTED



International Applicants

US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, US Temporary Residents, Canadian Citizens, Foreign (non-US) Citizens with a Visa, Foreign (non-US) Citizens, Other Non-Citizens (e.g. DACA Students)
Send a foreign transcript evaluation report (FTER) to PharmCAS
International transfer students must have college coursework evaluated by WES (World Education Services) or ECE (Educational Credential Evaluators). Foreign course evaluations must be received by the application deadline (5/2/2023). All applicants must have a social security # prior to the start of the program in August.
International applicants are required to submit Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) scores, if their native language is not English, or if their college level studies were not conducted in English. A minimum score of 90 (6.5 IELTS) is required.
Details on Post-B.S. Pharm.D. Programs


Individual applicants with one interviewer, Individual applicants with two or more interviewers, Multiple applicants with one or more interviewers
Selected applicants will be asked to attend an interview day on campus, which will include the following: an interactive presentation about the PCP PharmD program; discussion of current medical literature relevant to pharmacy; an interview with two faculty and/or professional staff interviewers; a tour of campus with a focus on the cutting-edge pharmacy facilities; interaction with current pharmacy students, faculty and administrators; and lunch. If an on-campus visit is not feasible, the interview day will be conducted using virtual technology to replicate the in-person experience as closely as possible.

Accepted Applicants

Accepted students must accept their offer of admissions by submitting a non-refundable deposit of $500. Deposits are due typically 2-4 weeks after date of acceptance. Specific deposit deadlines and information will be included in official in admit letter.
Accepted students must have satisfied all pre-requisites and all conditions of admission noted in official admission letter prior to their first day of class.

Background Checks and Drug Screenings