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Contact Information

412 E. Spokane Falls Blvd.
Pharmacy Admissions PBS 130
United States

Program Application Deadline

January 3, 2025
Applications received between October 2, 2024 and January 3, 2025 will meet the Regular Admission deadline. Regular Admission applicants will be assigned to the applicant's campus of choice and may be eligible for remaining scholarships. Applicants applying after January 3, 2025 will meet the Late Admission deadline and will be reviewed based on available seats remaining. Campus preference is not guaranteed.
October 1, 2024
Applicants who apply by October 1, 2024 will meet the Early Admission deadline. An applicant who meets the Early Admission deadline will receive a guaranteed scholarship upon receiving an offer of admission. Scholarships will apply to the fall 2025 semester tuition charges. Additionally, you can secure a seat at your campus of choice by meeting this deadline. Applications must be complete by the deadline to be eligible.

Program Information

Full Accreditation
Spokane, WA: WSU Health Sciences campus. Students learn alongside other health care professionals. Spokane is the largest healthcare hub along the I-90 corridor between Seattle and Minneapolis., Yakima, WA: Located on the Pacific Northwest University campus. Smaller class sizes allow Yakima students to gain a more personalized experience as they learn and work alongside other health care professionals to make an impact in rural communities.
Semester (2 terms per academic year)
2 years
Not Required
4 years

Last Entering Class


Dual and Concurrent Degrees

PharmD/MA (Master of Arts), PharmD/MBA (Business Administration), PharmD/MHA (Healthcare Administration), PharmD/PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), Other Dual Degrees
PharmD/METM: A degree/certificate in Engineering and Technology Management prepares PharmD students to become effective leaders in planning, implementing, and managing multifaceted operations to prepare for the growing need in technical management of manufacturing operations in the pharmaceutical industry, health care, and governmental research initiatives, among many others.

PharmD/MA in Strategic Communications or Communication Health and Promotion.

Learn more at
As the health care landscape continues to evolve, recruiters are looking for talent with knowledge in overlapping disciplines. WSU offers some dual degrees as certificate programs so that students can broaden their skill set.

Certificates offered:
Business Administration
Engineering and Technology Management
Strategic Communication
Communication Health and Promotion
Health Administration and Leadership

Learn more at

Program Description

The Washington State University PharmD offers you one of the best programs in the West. In 2023, we had the highest NAPLEX pass rate in Washington and the highest MPJE pass rate in the Pacific Northwest. Our dual degrees and certificates in engineering, business, pharmaceutical sciences, communications, and health administration are just some of the features which set our program apart from the rest. You can also choose to do your PharmD at two locations in Washington: Yakima or Spokane. As a top-tiered pharmacy school for NIH funding, you will also have plenty of opportunities to take part in cutting edge research.

Along with clinical practice in hospitals and community pharmacies, many of our graduates go on to work in leadership positions in government, pharmaceutical companies, business, tech companies, and academia. One of the biggest strengths of our program is our loyal and tight-knit alumni network. The college has the most engaged alumni in the university and prides itself in hiring its own graduates.

We are also at the forefront of defining pharmacists’ roles as part of the health care team. You will be trained in innovative pharmacy practices and learn applied patient care for an expanded scope of pharmacy practice. Our patient simulations, internships, rotations, community outreach, and volunteer opportunities allow you to practice confidently after graduation. The college offers affordable tuition and awards totaling $450,000 in scholarships annually to student pharmacists. To learn more, contact or call us at (509)368-6605. Personal advising appointments are available. You can also visit the website for more information at!

GPA and Credit Hour Criteria

While our preferred GPA is a 2.7, as calculated by PharmCAS, we strongly encourage applicants below a 2.7 to apply. The WSU PharmD program reviews applications through a holistic admission process to assess your strengths beyond GPA. We highly recommend all applicants complete the Personalized Student Assessment to share your additional strengths beyond GPA and any extenuating circumstances that you want us to consider.

All prerequisite courses must be completed with a C- (1.7) or higher. Courses that are repeated will be considered using the highest grade earned. However, all course attempts may be factored into the overall GPA calculated by PharmCAS.

Acceptable courses must be letter graded on a 4.0 scale and must be credit bearing.

Applicants are encouraged to go above the minimum number of credits and beyond the required prerequisites to help them establish a strong foundation in science. We recommend completing courses such as genetics, medicinal chemistry, calculus, molecular biology, immunology, logic, or similar. Additionally, we highly recommend completing the optional labs associated with the required prerequisites.

Course Prerequisites

Course Subject Course Title Semester Hours (Min) Quarter Hours (Min)
Chemistry Organic Chemistry with Lab - Must complete full year series with at least 1 lab (Intended for Science Majors). Minimum 2 semesters or 3 quarters. 7 15
Biochemistry Biochemistry - 1 semester or 1 quarter course required (lab not required). Please contact us if considering taking Biochemistry at a Community College to ensure the course is approved. Most upper division courses are accepted, but they must include metabolic pathways and RNA structure and transcription. 3 5
Microbiology Microbiology - 1 semester or 1 quarter course required. Upper division and/or intended for science majors. 3 5
Anatomy Human Anatomy - Students may take blended Human Anatomy and Physiology, but they are required to complete the full year series (minimum 2 semesters or 3 quarters). Labs not required but highly recommended. 3 5
Physiology Human/Mammalian Physiology - Students may take blended Human Anatomy and Physiology, but they are required to complete the full year series (minimum 2 semesters or 3 quarters). Labs not required but highly recommended. 3 5
Math Algebra, Pre-Calculus or higher - Minimum 1 semester or 1 quarter of Algebra, Pre-Calculus or higher level math class. 3 5
Statistics Statistics - Minimum 1 semester or 1 quarter. 3 5
Humanities Arts and Humanities - At least one course must be an English Writing/Composition course if not completing an associate's degree or higher. 12 15
Applicants must complete all science prerequisites by the end of the spring term prior to enrollment and must complete all non-science prerequisites by the end of the summer term prior to enrollment. Admitted students needing to complete science courses in the summer must receive approval from the Director of Admissions.

Example: For fall 2025, all science prerequisites must be completed by spring 2025 and all non-sciences prerequisites must be completed by summer 2025.

  • Science Course Prerequisites with Labs: Yes
  • Science Course Prerequisites without Labs : Yes
  • Non-Science Course Prerequisites: Yes
Online courses must be completed for a letter grade and be credit bearing. Applicants are encouraged to contact Pharmacy Admissions at or 509-368-6605 with any questions regarding course equivalencies, online vs. in-person coursework, transcript evaluations, and any other prerequisite related questions. Our office is happy to provide students with acceptable online courses that satisfy our prerequisites or work with an applicant who has identified online coursework.
  • Science Course Prerequisites with Labs: No
  • Science Course Prerequisites without Labs : No
  • Non-Science Course Prerequisites: No
We require all prerequisites be completed with a letter grade of C- (1.7 GPA) or higher.
Applicants needing prerequisite advising are welcome to contact our admissions representatives for prerequisite advising and/or a transcript evaluation. If you're interested in obtaining a transcript evaluation, email unofficial transcripts to our office with your request. Generally, lower division online courses may be considered to fulfill non-science prerequisites, please email a course syllabus/description along with the link to the course information. Acceptable courses must be letter graded on a 4.0 scale and must be credit bearing.

All official transcripts must be submitted directly to PharmCAS by the deadline. We recommend having your official transcripts sent electronically to PharmCAS if your school offers electronic transcripts.

Please contact the Doctor of Pharmacy program for more information on course equivalencies at or 509-368-6605.

Supplemental Materials

Applicants must complete the Program Materials section in the PharmCAS application. Applicants should be prepared to respond to the required Professional Goals Statement at the time they submit the application. We encourage applicants to review the Professional Goals Statement prior to starting their PharmCAS application. You can see tips for answering your essay questions at:

We also strongly recommend that all applicants complete the Personalized Student Assessment to share more about your experiences and any extenuating circumstances you want our admissions team to consider as we review your application.

Standardized Tests


Observation Hours

Recommended, but not required
We encourage prospective applicants to obtain either paid or volunteer pharmacy experience prior to applying. Depending on state licensing requirements, a good option for gaining experience is obtaining a pharmacy assistant or tech license. If you cannot gain experience, we recommend having a conversation with a pharmacist at minimum.

Pharmacy experience is not required. However, applicants should be able to speak to the profession and their motivation for pursuing a career in pharmacy.

Evaluations (Letters of Reference)

Two (2)
  • Clergy: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Family Member: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Friend: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Health Care Professional: RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED
  • Politician: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Any Subject Area): RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED
  • Professor (Liberal Arts): RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED
  • Teaching Assistant: CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED
Not Accepted
Not Accepted
Two (2) letters of recommendation, also called evaluations in PharmCAS, from evaluators who can speak to your professional character, accountability, and notable experiences, such as a professor, teaching assistant, employer or volunteer supervisor are required. It is recommended a supervisor, pharmacist or other healthcare provider submit an evaluation. It is also highly recommended you obtain an evaluation from an academic source that can speak knowledgeably about your academic history.

You may submit up to 4 evaluations, but more than 2 evaluations are not required. Please note that if you submit more than two letters of reference, our review committee has the ability to read them.

Evaluators should speak to your adaptability, empathy, ethics, intellectual ability, interpersonal relations, judgement, leadership, reliability, and communication skills.

If you have questions about this requirement, please contact our office at or 509-368-6605.


Washington state residency is not required for admission. WSU also participates in WICHE and welcomes applicants receiving WICHE support. WSU offers reduced tuition for WICHE approved students from Alaska, Nevada, Guam, and the Northern Mariana Islands.

Our pharmacy school distinguishes itself by offering non-resident tuition that is more affordable than the resident and non-resident tuition at numerous other U.S. pharmacy schools.

Residents of other states may be eligible to apply for Washington state residency after establishing a domicile in the state of Washington for 12 consecutive months. By establishing Washington residency, you will be charged the resident tuition rate for your second through fourth year in pharmacy school. More information regarding establishing residency can be found at

International Applicants

US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, US Temporary Residents, Canadian Citizens, Foreign (non-US) Citizens with a Visa, Foreign (non-US) Citizens, Other Non-Citizens (e.g. DACA Students)
Send a foreign transcript evaluation report (FTER) to PharmCAS
International transcripts must be evaluated by the World Education Service (WES) on a course-by-course basis and include all transcripts. The complete report must be submitted to and received by PharmCAS by the application deadline. Upper division coursework, including Organic Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry, is recommended to be completed at a regionally accredited institution in the US.

Syllabi for all international prerequisite courses completed must be submitted as PDFs in English and include modules covered, student learning outcomes, course description, and course assessment. Applicant's from a country that utilizes and supplies consolidated marks sheets must submit individual marks sheets.

Please see the PharmCAS Foreign Transcript Instructions at Please contact our office if you have any questions at or 509-368-6605.
Minimum TOEFL scores required are a 90 internet based, 250 computer based, or 550 paper based with minimum sub scores of Reading 20, Writing 22, Speaking 22, and Listening 20; minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or higher; minimum Duolingo English Test score of 120. Exam date must be within one year of application.

Exceptions may be given to the English Language Proficiency Exam if one or more of the following conditions are met (verification is required):
•Applicant has completed a BA or BS degree in a native English-Speaking country.
•Applicant has completed a minimum of 25 semester/45 quarter credits of equivalent prerequisite coursework from an accredited U.S. based institution.
•Applicant is a citizen from one of the following countries: Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, British Guyana, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Jamaica, Liberia, New Zealand, Trinidad and Tobago, or Zambia.
•Applicant was schooled outside the U.S. at a school where the language of instruction was English.
Details on Post-B.S. Pharm.D. Programs
Applicants meeting this criteria are encouraged to apply. We do not offer movement to an advanced standing status for foreign-educated pharmacists. We are happy to work with you during process and recommend contacting our office at or 509-368-6605.


Individual applicants with two or more interviewers
Candidates selected for an interview will receive an invitation over email from Pharmacy Admissions with instructions to sign up for an interview. The interview will take approximately 45 minutes and will be offered over zoom or in-person on the campus of your choosing. Each candidate will be interviewed by 1 faculty and 1 student ambassador. The interview is a requirement of admission to the Doctor of Pharmacy program.

Candidates will be invited to join regularly scheduled program overviews and on-campus visit events, that will be scheduled throughout the fall and spring. Please watch for these dates and more information as it becomes available.

Accepted Applicants

A $500, non-refundable, advanced payment on tuition is required to secure a seat. Applicants offered admission to the program will receive instructions for creating a WSU student account and completing the required payment by the deadline. If an offer of admission is extended and an applicant does not pay the required admission deposit, they may forfeit their seat. Please contact Pharmacy Admissions if you have any questions regarding the deposit, need additional time to pay your deposit, or have other extenuating circumstances at or 509-368-6605.
Admitted students are required to complete their remaining prerequisites and provide our office with final official transcripts once they have completed all coursework. After we receive final official transcripts, admitted students can begin registering for fall semester pharmacy courses.

Admitted students are also required to obtain a Washington State Pharmacy Intern License and complete all required vaccinations and certifications. Pharmacy Prep Week and the White Coat Ceremony take place the week prior to the start of classes in August. Pharmacy Prep Week is mandatory for all admitted students.

Admitted students can prepare for pharmacy school by applying for financial aid and scholarships, reviewing prerequisite coursework, learning the top 200 drugs and practicing pharmacy calculations, and reviewing WSU pharmacy student organizations.

Read more on our Admitted Student Resources webpage at

Background Checks and Drug Screenings