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Institution Name Shenandoah University
College or School Name School of Pharmacy
Short Name Shenandoah U
Banner Image: SUPharmgroup.jpg
If you need to post a notification below your institution name, please enter it here:
Street 1 1775 N Sector Court
Street 2 Shenandoah University School of Pharmacy
Street 3
City Winchester
State Virginia
Zip 22601
Country United States
Program Location: Virginia
Admissions Office Contact(s):
  • Name: Katelyn Sanders
    Title: Director of Admissions
    Office: 1775 N Sector Ct. Winchester, VA 22601
    Phone (Work): 540-678-4377
  • Name: Debbie Lynn
    Title: Admissions Coordinator-ICPH Fairfax
    Office: 8095 Innovation Park Drive, Suite 301 Fairfax, VA 22031
    Phone (Work): 540-542-6235
  • Name: Patrick McDonald
    Title: Admissions Counselor-Winchester
    Office: 1775 N Sector Ct. Winchester, VA 22601
    Phone (Work): 540-678-4340
  • Name: Suzanne Boag
    Title: Enrollment and Student Affairs Coordinator
    Office: 1775 N Sector Ct. Winchester, VA 22601
    Phone (Work): 540-678-4340
Institutional Website:
Contact Information Video:
What is the application deadline for your program? June 1, 2021
Application Deadline Description:
Does your institution participate in Early Decision? Yes
Please select the appropriate ACPE accreditation status for your institution from the list below: Full Accreditation
Satellite/Branch campuses:
  • ICPH-Fairfax
Does your program follow the AACP Cooperative Admissions Guidelines? No
Is your institution public or private? Private
Is your institution part of an academic health center? No
Academic Term Type: Semester (2 terms per academic year)
What is the primary program structure for the Pharm.D. curriculum? * 4
Is a Baccalaureate degree required or preferred for admissions? Not Required
Does your institution have alternative enrollment options available? Yes
If Yes to alternate enrollment, check all that apply: Affiliation or articulation agreement with undergraduate institution(s), Early assurance
Total number of Pharm.D. seats filled in the last P1 entering class: 74
Anticipated number of Total Pharm.D. seats available in the upcoming P1 entering class: 115
Anticipated number of early assurance students advancing to the P1 year in the upcoming entering class: 10
Does your institution offer a dual degree program, as defined above? Yes
If yes, check all that apply: PharmD/MBA (Business Administration), PharmD/MPH (Public Health), Other Dual Degrees
If other dual degrees, as defined above, please list: PharmD/MS Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine
Does your institution offer a concurrent, double, or second degree program, as defined above? No
Provide any additional information regarding dual, concurrent, double, or second degree programs:
The Bernard J. Dunn School of Pharmacy was created in 1995 to respond to the growing need for pharmacists in the health-care system. Shenandoah University responded to this need for additional pharmacists in a unique way. Combining new ideas in pharmacy education with the use of information technology, it created a new educational model that is even more relevant today. The School of Pharmacy offers a Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree (Pharm.D. degree) for traditional and nontraditional students. Dual degree options are available with MPH, MBA, MS PGPM.
Program Description Video:
Minimum Overall GPA: 2.5
Minimum Prerequisite GPA: 2.5
Provide any additional information regarding GPA policies for applicants:
Total number of college SEMESTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation: 63
Total number of basic science college SEMESTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation: 35
Total number of college QUARTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation: 71
Total number of basic science college QUARTER HOURS that must be completed prior to matriculation:
Provide any additional information regarding credit hour policies for applicants:
List of Course Prerequisites:
Course Subject Course Title Semester Hours (Min) Quarter Hours (Min)
English Composition / Writing English 101 & 102 6 8
Communication / Speech (Verbal) Public Speaking 3 4
Biology/Biological Science General Biology I & II w/ lab 8 12
Chemistry General Chemistry I & II w/ lab 8 12
Chemistry Organic Chemistry I & II w/ lab 8 12
Physics Physics I (calculus or non-calculus based is acceptable) 3 6
Statistics Statistics 3 4
Math Calculus 3 4
Biology/Biological Science Advanced Biological Science Elective (cell biology, biochemistry, genetics, etc) 3 4
Economics Economics 3 4
Microbiology Microbiology 3 6
Humanities Humanities (history, art, music, language, theater, etc) 3 4
Social/Behavioral Science Social/ Behavioral Science (accounting, anthropology, business, computers, geography, health, management, political science, psychology, sociology, etc) 3 4
Anatomy & Physiology Human Anatomy and Physiology 6 12
When do applicants need to complete all course prerequisites prior to enrollment (e.g. date or term)? All prerequisites must be completed prior to matriculation into the PharmD program
Enter any additional information regarding course prerequisites:
I would like to mark this section as done. Yes
Does your institution require applicants to submit a supplemental application or supplemental materials directly to the institution and outside of PharmCAS? No
Will your institution require a supplemental application fee? No
Provide any additional information about the supplemental application, materials, or fee requirements: No application is required.
Select the option that best describes the program’s PCAT policy: Optional
Link to PCAT information on institutional website:
Additional PCAT information: In response to the ongoing pandemic, the PCAT will remain OPTIONAL, not required for the 2020-21 admissions cycle. If you believe the PCAT provides evidence of your academic preparedness for the PharmD program, you are encouraged to submit your PCAT scores. Please reach out to with any questions about this temporary change.
Minimum composite PCAT score considered: n/a
Do you accept or require other admission tests? Do not include immunization requirement or other similar documentation requirements. No
Does your program require pharmacy observation hours? No
Are evaluations (letters of reference) required by your institution? Yes
 If yes, how many evaluations are required? Three (3)
Please indicate your evaluation type requirements. Select all that apply.
  • Clergy: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Co-Worker: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Family Member: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Friend: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Health Care Professional: RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED
  • Politician: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Liberal Arts): RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED
  • Teaching Assistant: CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED
What is your college/school policy on committee letters? No Answer
What is your college/school policy on composite letters? No answer
Provide institution specific details regarding evaluations: The letters of reference can be from professors, health care providers, or other professionals with whom the student has interacted. A pharmacist is not required if you have not worked with one. You may have any combination of the allowed references.
Is preference given to state residents? No
Is preference given to residents of other states? No
Additional information about the program’s state residency requirements:
Does your institution consider foreign citizens (excluding Canadian citizens)? Yes
Select the citizenship types eligible for admission: US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, US Temporary Residents, Canadian Citizens, Foreign (non-US) Citizens with a Visa, Foreign (non-US) Citizens, Other Non-Citizens (e.g. DACA Students)
Policy for accepting non-U.S. coursework (excluding study abroad): Send a foreign transcript evaluation report (FTER) to PharmCAS
Other clarifying information, if necessary: All foreign transcripts must first be evaluated by an accredited service before they can be reviewed by SU. We prefer organizations who are members of NACES.
Non-native speakers must submit official TOEFL scores? Yes
If the TOEFL is required for non-native English speakers, provide additional details about the requirement below: If a student has completed two years of undergraduate work in an accredited college or university in the United States, he/she does not have to take the TOEFL, but may choose to do so to demonstrate greater proficiency.
Interview Format: Individual applicants with one interviewer, Individual applicants with two or more interviewers
Briefly describe your institution's interview process: Interviews will be offered on a rolling basis throughout the admissions cycle. A typical interview day will consist of a 30 minute interview with a faculty member and student (if possible), writing sample, and tour of facilities.
Link to institutional webpage for more detailed description:
Is a deposit required to hold an acceptee's place in the class? Yes
Is the deposit refundable for any period of time? No
Enter details on the deposit (e.g. amount) and deposit refund policies: $1000
Date of first day of classes and/or matriculation for the next entering class:
Additional details for accepted applicants:
Are accepted applicants required to have CPR certification prior to matriculation? No
Is your institution participating in the PharmCAS-facilitated Criminal Background Check (CBC) Service? Yes
Is your institution participating in the PharmCAS-facilitated Drug Screening Service? No
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