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Contact Information

4301 W. Markham Street
Slot #522
Little Rock
United States

Program Application Deadline

May 3, 2021

Program Information

Full Accreditation
  • Northwest Regional Campus in Fayetteville, Arkansas Website:
Semester (2 terms per academic year)
* 4
Not Required

Last Entering Class


Upcoming Entering Class


Dual and Concurrent Degrees

PharmD/JD (Juris Doctor), PharmD/MBA (Business Administration), PharmD/MPH (Public Health), PharmD/MS (Master of Science), PharmD/PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)
The UAMS College of Pharmacy offers two dual degrees with other UAMS colleges: PharmD/PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences with the UAMS Graduate School, and the PharmD/MPH with the UAMS College of Public Health. Contact Dr. Antino Allen for inquiries to the PharmD/PhD, Contact both College of Pharmacy and College of Public Health Admissions Offices for the PharmD/MPH

Program Description

The UAMS COP mission is to improve the health of culturally diverse populations by educating pharmacy leaders to address community health needs, advancing scientific discovery to produce innovations in health care, and fostering progressive pharmacy practice through service to the profession. The UAMS College of Pharmacy was established at the beginning of the 1951-52 academic year in Little Rock on the UAMS campus.

The University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences includes the Colleges of Health Professions, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, and a graduate school. The main campus is comprised of the University Hospital and Clinics, the Winthrop P. Rockefeller Cancer Institute, the Myeloma Institute for Research and Therapy, the Jones Eye Institute, the Jackson T. Stephens Spine and Neurosciences Institute, the Reynolds Institute of Aging, and Psychiatric Research Institute.

UAMS has opened a satellite campus for a portion of the third and fourth year professional year classes in northwest Arkansas (Fayetteville). The UAMS College of Pharmacy offers many combined degree options with the PharmD: MS and PhD options in Pharmaceutical Sciences with the UAMS Graduate School, MPH (Masters of Public Health) with the UAMS College of Public Health, and JD and MBA options with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.

GPA and Credit Hour Criteria

Admitted applicants must complete a minimum of 72 semester credit hours total before pharmacy college begins in order to receive graduate status for financial aid. Admitted students with less than 72 semester credit hours will be designated as undergraduate status for financial aid for the first semester. Upon completion of the first semester, students will be eligible for graduate level financial aid status.

Course Prerequisites

Course Subject Course Title Semester Hours (Min) Quarter Hours (Min)
Math College Algebra 3 4.5
Biology/Biological Science Biology 1 and lab 4 6
Biology/Biological Science Biology 2 and lab 4 6
Microbiology Microbiology and lab 4 6
Chemistry Chemistry 1 and lab 4 6
Chemistry Chemistry 2 and lab 4 6
Chemistry Organic Chemistry 1 and lab 4 6
Chemistry Organic Chemistry 2 and lab 4 6
Science/Math Elective(s) Selectives- Choose from: Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, Quantitative Analysis, Physical Chemistry, Calculus 1, Physics 1, Critical Thinking, Logic 9 13.5
English Composition / Writing English Composition 1 / Writing 1 3 4.5
English Composition / Writing English Composition 2 / Writing 2 3 4.5
Communication / Speech (Verbal) Public Speaking / Oral Communication 3 4.5
Economics Economics / Accounting 3 4.5
Statistics Statistics 3 4.5
Psychology Psychology 3 4.5
Humanities Cultural Humanities - Choose from: World Cultures, World History, Anthropology, Sociology, Foreign Language, American Sign Language 3 4.5
Applicants must have completed at least eight hours of General Chemistry I and II (six hours of lecture and two hours of lab) and four hours of Organic Chemistry I (three hours of lecture and one hour of lab) with a grade of “C” or better, Pass, or Credit by the application deadline. In addition, all prerequisites must be completed by the end of the spring semester before the fall semester of entry. With approval, applicants may be able to take prerequisite courses in summer I only.
Courses may be used to satisfy requirements in one area only. All science courses and labs must be taken in person; otherwise, courses may be taken online. A maximum of 8 semester hours of CLEP, AP or IB credit, which must appear on the official transcript, will be accepted in core courses and 6 semester hours in non-core courses. One quarter credit hour is equivalent to .67 semester credit hours for conversion calculation. For selective prerequisites, any of the listed courses will count, but courses are listed in order of recommendation for pharmacy college preparation. More information about prerequisites can be found on our website Applicants applying for fall 2021 may still apply under the previous prerequisite courses requiring 69 semester credit hours. For fall 2022 forward, all applicants will be expected to fulfill the new requirements of 61 credit hours. For questions about any course equivalencies, please contact our admissions office.

Supplemental Materials

The supplemental application process occurs after applicants e-submit their PharmCAS application. After applications are e-submitted and verified, the UAMS College of Pharmacy will contact selected applicants to submit a supplemental application with instructions and invite them to interview.

PCAT and Other Tests

Not Required or Considered
Due to COVID-19, the PCAT will not be required for all applicants applying for fall 2021.

Observation Hours

Recommended, but not required
The college recommends that applicants shadow a pharmacist in both retail and clinical settings to learn more about the profession. Observation hours are not required and the lack thereof will not adversely affect students' applications.

Evaluations (Letters of Reference)

Three (3)
  • Clergy: ACCEPTED
  • Co-Worker: ACCEPTED
  • Employer: ACCEPTED
  • Faculty Advisor: ACCEPTED
  • Family Member: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Friend: NOT ACCEPTED
  • Health Care Professional: ACCEPTED
  • Pharmacist: ACCEPTED
  • Politician: ACCEPTED
  • Pre-Health Advisor: ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Liberal Arts): ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Math): ACCEPTED
  • Professor (Science): ACCEPTED
  • Supervisor: ACCEPTED
  • Teaching Assistant: ACCEPTED
Recommended but not required
Recommended but not required
Two of the three references must be from college professors who have taught the applicant in class. A pre-professional committee or departmental letter will count as 2 college faculty letters. One additional reference of the applicant's choice is also required. The third letter may be an academic or professional one. We do not accept personal recommendations. If applicants have been out of school for many years and cannot get 2 academic letters, contact our admissions office for other options.


Border county residents who live in Texarkana (Bowie or Cass counties) are eligible to receive in-state tuition rates. Residents of bordering states to Arkansas (Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri) are eligible for 1.25X of the in-state tuition rate.

International Applicants

US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, Other Non-Citizens (e.g. DACA Students)
Send a foreign transcript evaluation report (FTER) to PharmCAS
The UAMS College of Pharmacy accepts foreign transcript evaluations from WES ( ) or ECE (
The TOEFL exam is strongly recommended for all applicants for whom English is a second language. TOEFL scores may not be more than 2 years old. A minimum score of 80 on the internet based exam is recommended for consideration. TOEFL scores should be released directly to PharmCAS (code 8246). For more information on TOEFL requirements, please see the College website


Multiple Mini Interviews (MMI)
Due to COVID-19, interviews are being held on an online videoconferencing format. Applicants for fall 2021 may be interviewing online or in-person as we closely monitor the progression of COVID-19. Applicants will be contacted and notified in advance by the admissions office.

Interviews are held September through May. The College uses the Multi-Mini Interview (MMI) format. An informational video about the MMI can be found at Interviews last half a day and include an opportunity to interact with currently enrolled students, learn about the College and its programs, and tour the campus. Friends and family are also welcome and may attend information sessions and tours.

Accepted Applicants

A $200 tuition deposit is required two weeks after the offer of admission. The deposit will go toward fall tuition and is not refundable should the applicant withdraw from the institution.
  • August 05, 2021
Accepted applicants who will be taking out loans (financial aid) should complete a FAFSA as soon as the application process opens.
Incoming students will receive communications from the college regarding financial aid, registration, on-campus housing, and other related items.

Background Checks and Drug Screenings